ENCANTO Trailer (2021)

  1. Lauren Hart says

    trailer starts
    3 seconds gone by
    Me: "this has Lin written all over it."
    Trailer: "original music by Lin-Manuel Miranda."
    Me: "called it!"

  2. Miché Taylor says

    Thanks,- for this nice Disney new family movie of enctato!! 2021,11.

  3. Encato cinmas Disney movie november 24 2021 disney plus christmas

  4. Redwolf 34 says

    Her gift is probably something you can't see which would be amazing or maybe she really doesn't have a gift. We'll see.


    What this movie is about


    Really love the music


    Which language is this

  8. Bre says

    Yesssss where my Colombian people at?

  9. Tanya Cabilin says

    From the creators of disney planes wreck it ralph 2 frozen 2 and raya and the last dragons

  10. Clint Oruss says

    I wonder if they will put drug cartels in the film, I mean they have to stay true to their culture

  11. 0:34 wtf is that Coco

  12. amckx81 says

    I don't know why, but I really hate this. Its almost like a stereotype with self indulgent pandering mixed in.

  13. Benjamin Yn says

    Man even disney can't stand the shutdown of blue sky studios even though they're the ones who shut it down

  14. schmilk says

    After this movie I'm expecting an African American movie

  15. Karen Riscos says

    I want this song to come out so bad 😩, every time it comes on it makes me dance the cumbia

  16. Boss Lady says

    That child who roasted her NEEDS to be a member of the table as sass

  17. Trailer Park says

    Check out our review of this trailer at our new channel!

  18. Iyla Kokcam says

    Usually with a animated Disney movie the main character would be a kid/young?

  19. Rachel Marlow says

    I can't wait to see. At the beginning thought the music sounded like dora dora the explora

  20. huhwhat says

    Disclaimer: I am not educated enough about disabilities to discuss anything specific about them. Please keep that in mind as I express my opinion on my hopes and anxieties about this film.

    I hope this film isn’t a ‘she had a secret gift all along!!’ thing and she finds out she’s something like ‘the most powerful of them all’ or something because not only do I think that is unoriginal as heck, I feel like that would be appropriation and would advertise a bad message to audiences; that being ‘different’ or being in a position that may seem like a ‘disadvantage to society’ is seen as wrong and something that needs to be changed in order to better suit circumstances/lifestyles.

    We’ve seen this idea before within these types of movies where protagonists have to ‘change’ to save the day— and even in today’s society through the oppression that people with disabilities face (via corporations that claim to be on their side and spread ‘awareness’, for example) which means that, in my opinion, the option to advertise disabilities as ‘curable’ is still very available to Disney (and will be a disappointment to me if they choose it).

    Let’s just hope that Disney can keep up with 2021’s generations’ awareness of social diversity and generate a film that speaks up about the subject of what is considered a ‘disadvantage’ or a ‘problem’ and what isn’t— how disabilities are not the ‘problem’ in the story, if that makes sense.

    This is a chance for Disney to form a different, more contemporary and positive perspective about the subject. I have high, but doubtful hopes for this film and have every reason to believe there’s a good chance that this film will be unique compared to others when addressing this topic, however there’s always a chance that Disney’s morals will not be as evolved as we think considering their failures to address other contemporary subjects in the past- utilising stereotypes, etc, to portray society and recycling traditional morals and characters.

    Just my thoughts, idk.

  21. Ariel Borrero says

    She's a squib

  22. StarGazelle 906 says

    0:27 What are their gifts?

  23. Dale Burback says

    I’m sad because Mirabel is my name REEeEeeeeeee

  24. Dale Burback says

    You know I’m sad

  25. Super Veemo says

    I’m confused

  26. Mataiyasi Sega says

    What does Encanto mean?

  27. A C says


  28. Jepsier says

    I’m gonna need a soundtrack REAL SOON

  29. Tessa Hultin says

    You're telling me that's Rosa?

  30. hrpang says

    I hope this movie isn't disappointing. I'm sure it won't be Mulan 2020 bad but you know, it could be boring beyond the music like Frozen 2.

    The plot I feel might challenge the ideas of talent. After all, the protagonist does seem skilled with something, but it is something she created for herself. Maybe she knows how to coordinate the family skills, maybe she's innovative and have ways to circumvent her lack of "The Gift", maybe she's good at accordion.

    I'm just hoping it doesn't go the "all her family members lose their gifts" route. It is a troupe that is easily underwhelming and really feel like a forces drama.

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