Enemy Within – Trailer

  1. menckencynic says

    The ease to which previously normal Japanese-Americans suddenly turned into cold-blooded murderers is why Americans interned Japanese citizens. It was the right decision with an invasion in mind.

  2. Flash Gordon says

    The plane crashed on land, not in the water! Completely historically incorrect! Why ruin the truth?
    The pilot was killed by the islanders! Before he was killed, he removed the machine gun from the plane to kill the islanders! Why ruin the reality?

  3. KuBa Bala says

    The plane crashed on land…not in the water🤦

  4. CNT says

    This movie is so historically inaccurate by trying to be both politically correct and picture pretty that it comes up as a comedy

  5. The Analog Kid says

    "Based on a True Story." True story: Japanese pilot crash-lands on remote island and dies of dysentery three days later. 🙂

  6. D H says

    I wonder if this is any good?

  7. President T Nediserp says


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