Enlisted Launch Trailer

  1. MalaSuerte9260 says

    I need Keyboard & Mouse in This Game

  2. Crisp1991 says

    Best game right now

  3. Peta Rok says

    Лучшие братки!

  4. Nax says

    I wish enlisted was actually like this now, not just artillery spam and being dunked on by machine gunners, only in Normandy of course. It’s a shame, the maps on Normandy look gorgeous

  5. Train Enthusiast says

    There should be something named this: "Teyvat Campaign."

  6. Haxxorious says

    Amazing game 👏

  7. DYNaMO KiNg says

    How fps

  8. Cadje Bushey says

    Eat your heart out BFV.

  9. OfficialKirbyFan68 says


  10. Gandalf le Suisse says

    nice game duuuuuuuuude

  11. CREATOR JO says

    This game deserves much more popularity, really an amazing game. Good job devs.

  12. Alexis Tikinson says


  13. Blaider Game says

    Enlisted. Exe funny moments 🤣🤣

  14. M.C Lesson says

    Best game yet

  15. The CIA says

    I’m loving these gaijin games, they are all really good and still free. Keep it up.
    There will always be haters but they probably haven’t played the game and just stay on BF5 and COD.

  16. Margo2013 says

    саунтрек шедеврален😎 с наложением особенно шикарно, атмосферно

  17. Rich H says

    In the year 2525 we will have World War mode like we wanted

  18. Hampus den riktige Johannson says

    I have another name for this "battlefield V but they actually care about history"

  19. Gamer bois says

    I have this game awesome

  20. MuffinMan2008ϟϟ says

    The only ad/trailer that uses the actual game in the footage

  21. Margo2013 says

    что за саунтрек? полностью название

  22. Andrew Abraham says

    The music sounds like the inception theme song

  23. German Empire II says

    Bruh I cant play it but they sell it on xbox one store ….

  24. ilexs26 says


  25. Todd Zilla420 says

    My enlisted says its not compatible

  26. CoaThe1st says

    Company of Heroes just went first person shooter.

  27. p1xel says

    Слеза аш потекла

  28. Mr.Potato says

    lol this ladss made the best ww2 game.

  29. Wasd says

    Can I Have music

  30. Wasd says

    Что за песня???

  31. ser kwazariusz says

    Good its on xbox one too guys GJ Gajin

  32. YMMIJ says

    me who always loved battlefield and war thunder

  33. Antonio Playground says

    Wow nice

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