Everwild – Official Cinematic Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2020

  1. 65 SONUMON P S says


  2. Ryan says

    Aaaaaand it's dead.

  3. Luffybuster says

    Open world Rhythm game?

  4. tinyentropy says

    is this for children? 🙁 looks pretty boring.

  5. Ad Astra Media says

    Is it safe to say that Rare Studios might be getting their mojo back?

  6. supermariofan03 says

    Perhaps Rare’s biggest game since Donkey Kong 64.

  7. Someone says

    Almost looks like an Ark-style game, in terms of gameplay at least

  8. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says

    Everwild: Breath Of The Wild Wilderness Beyond The Horizon.

  9. melodbella isa says

    😲 le graphisme et cette belle histoire & le son magnifique 🎧 💓🎶♫🎶 ☀️

  10. Rogyx22 says

    Everyone after seeing this: Daaaamn

  11. Mehmet Demir says

    lhe last guardian with to many animal

  12. redpirate14 says

    Hope it's actually fun to play. Never been a fan of Rare.

  13. Far jana says

    Need this in ps store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ChiefZ48 says

    You cannot tell me that the creators of this visual art We're not influenced by LSD

  15. Ethan says

    From the makers of wildly wacky and zany games like Banjo Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Diddy Kong Racing comes this super serious game where you do magic with animals and the narrator of the trailer sounds like the narrator of Planet Earth

  16. Trel Kel says

    Looks absolutely beautiful whatever the hell it is

  17. Just a Random guy says

    xBoX hAs No gAmEs

  18. Critical Creeps says

    Rare is lowkey the most underrated game developer

  19. Johnny Metonymic says

    Finally! An Xbox exclusive I might actually care about.

  20. Varad Illath says

    Really hope you can play this game offline

  21. Naruto says

    Can someone decrease the fog?

  22. Sathya Narayana Karthikeshwar says

    Best background score music award goes to . I can already see the headlines now itself 😊

  23. KingdomEnfilade says

    This didn't need a voiceover.

  24. Brett Hillman says

    Positive: art and music look ok from this. Negative: With everything loaded with politics these days, I just want an escape. This doesn't look like one. Instead, it looks like, to enjoy it, I'd have to buy into the global warming/GreenPeace world view, and apparently I couldn't be a white man. Summary: I like to spend my money on things that aren't there to indoctrinate me, that aren't loaded with politics. I need to get away from my every day life and the news and all the hatred and spin. This, to me, feels too skewed on one side of the aisle. I will not buy this.

  25. Roberto Tavares says

    Absolutely beautiful.

  26. Cloud Grooves says

    this looks awesome

  27. Splash says


  28. Forest Hedgehog says

    Это потрясающе! Я бы не сказал, что это аватар, скорее всего это ремейк мультфильма "В долине папоротников" от видеоигр!

  29. Daniel Whyatt says

    This looks really exquisite yet very simple at the same time. Definitely love the feeling of it being an environmentally conscious story in game form.

  30. Ctrl Alt Dust says

    Man, all I can think about is Avatar : The Last Airbender now.

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