Eville – Out Now – Official Launch Trailer

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Available Now – Betray your friends – and lie your way to victory. In the multiplayer social deduction game Eville, you find yourself in a village riddled by a series of murders. Some say it might have been you – or was it? Convince others you’re not a murderer to stay alive!



  1. AreEnTee says

    Brandon acker 🙂

  2. Brutal Gloria says

    Não tem campanha? Mais um joguinho chato multiplayer?

  3. Thanos Psaridis says

    It's only for gamepass ultimate.

  4. Notjustklownin says

    Another Gamepass dub!

  5. Nameless Person says


  6. brendan says

    oh goody. some more shovelware to throw on game pass.

  7. LayaDR TV says

    Hermoso juego

  8. Horus erb says

    I can't stand this type of graphic…Have feeling that Xbox have many games in this style….Dunno im old gamer and this for me so unattractive to look and play.

  9. Alister X says

    Scorn this Friday!!

  10. Go Phish says

    Amongeth useth

  11. Bo mal Patriote says

    Looks original 😀

  12. Grundierung Täglich says

    Goblin gurls best gurls

  13. Gaming Fun says

    Looks interesting

  14. Max Lo says


  15. Detroit's Reaper says

    Gamepass another W. I'm gonna try this as soon as I can. Hope it's fun

  16. Joseph Freisinger says

    Lol this looks boring

  17. O S says

    Sooo….put an end to the evil in Eville??

  18. JP Truth says

    bs multiplayer game

  19. Adam Blunsdon says

    Nice video xbox

  20. Sheo says


  21. MumboJumboZXC says

    Dead on arrival lmao

  22. scorcher117 says

    Another Social Deduction game, looks interesting, usually fun to watch at least, hopefully being an xbox title doesn't limit it's discoverability.

  23. PrimyFritzellz says

    Ah yes another unity asset flip.

  24. Mack in Black says


  25. Damian BORKOWSKI says

    ROG fantasy jestem na Tak.

  26. rorydog02 says

    Lol nope

  27. 30 minutos atrás says


  28. Tatie Perez says

    So…medieval fantasy Among us?

  29. Hunter says


  30. D-Jay Pijl says


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