EXOMECHA – Official Gameplay Trailer | ID@Xbox /twitchgaming

  1. Bugár Sándor says

    lol wtf is this? Looks like Halo+Crysis+Titanfall+Battlefront+Battlefield+Skyrim combo.

  2. Majes says

    Great graphics, but look like the animations aren't very polished. Also the vehicle looks alot like the halo warthog

  3. Alex says

    wait a second. Is this Ark?

  4. Jaden Suarez says

    does anyone have an update on it did they cancelled the game?

  5. First Spear Defense LLC. says

    That knife animation was so pathetic lmao

  6. Chas Lewis says

    Game looks beautiful standing still.

    Like a beautiful woman… then as soon as she starts moving, the frame rate drops and she starts morphing into Mr. Bean

  7. k says

    unity game

  8. Sappy ツ says

    The high quality but also low quality gives it early 2000s game trailer vibes

  9. Obzy. says

    the assesinations are goofy af

  10. Xander M says

    Me want is it on Xbox? Or any other platform?

  11. KiteXZ says

    The new Ark update looks sick can't believe the added a Camaro.

  12. Syr Philip Gulmatico says

    this feels like planetside

  13. Zack N says

    Nice Halo thrusters and grappleshots! haha jokes aside, it looks like an interesting game. Ill try it out.

  14. Gr!m says

    with these stunning graphics and with stiff animation kinda reminds me of one of those fake mobile game ads lol

  15. InVader says

    You're not fooling anyone with that shaky camera.

  16. lllWARCHILDlll says

    Quick cash grab.
    Just like IGN reviews.

  17. Chozen says

    Looks exactly like that mobile game "nova 3" but for pc

  18. Spagman says

    Giving Serious Sam D grade gaming vibes.

  19. Kacey says

    Somehow it feels like Planetside 2 🤔

  20. Gravedigga4Real says

    This is the game Jimmy was playing on GTA 5.

  21. Serdar gr says

    halo – farcry karışımı olmuş

  22. Muscles31 says

    I’m sure it will never come out smh…Looks cool though🔥

  23. No Name says

    I'm getting a headache just looking at this.

  24. Clayton Harrell says

    Sooooo basically, Transformers: Age of the Rise of the Revenge of the Dark of the Moon?

    I’m all for it lol 😌😇

  25. GHOSTxp51 says

    ammmm……. this is crysis, halo, cod, bf mixup?

  26. OldSkool says

    This game will look nothing close to this……. Guaranteed.

  27. Kosthe says

    does anyone know if this will be 5v5 like csgo?

  28. Michael says

    This game has already been released. It's called Titanfall 2.

  29. LaChivaX says

    “Shhhshhh it’s ok. “

  30. Boop bop says

    Schoink is the sound that knife made

  31. NOVELL says

    crisis 4 lmao

  32. Sebastien says

    talk about generic game, it looks SO empty and soulless

  33. Xplay Brasil says

    imitação do crysis

  34. Kingdomsoul says

    Is this out yet? 😂

  35. Jonathan J. says

    "Knife to meet you!"
    "You too, bud."

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