Fable – Official Announce Trailer

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Fable returns with a new beginning for the legendary franchise. Explore a land of fantastical creatures and wondrous places. Developed by Playground Games for Xbox Series X and Windows 10.

Learn more: https://www.xbox.com/games/fable

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  1. Jibaku-Kun says

    Quiero ver más

  2. MATTERS says

    Still Can’t wait for this

  3. NudBud says

    Still waiting

  4. Rickless Sanchez says

    Here in 2023-

    Please don't canceled this video game make more famous than GTA online or World of Warcraft. I'll wait.

  5. Some Guy says


  6. The World As We Build It says

    Fable was the first rpg I ever played. I still hold the series close to my heart.

  7. Mattemattics says

    checks watch

  8. Daniel Smyth says

    hopefully the graphics are to the vid standard.

  9. мур мяу says

    Жду инфу по гаме день 1.

  10. Dream Bigger says

    Savage trailer 😮

  11. Filthy_Franco says

    This game SOLD me on the Xbox for life!! I need the new one ASAP

  12. Yakuzaka1412 says

    And now we play the waiting game………………………………………………………………….

  13. Lucas Fortes says


  14. I like Trains says

    been 2 years! hurry uuuuuup or at very least release 2 and 3 on steam

  15. Neboock Chenson says

    I'm starving on this please lemme see something

  16. Ed says

    I hope corporate gaming won't kill this studio for the sake of cheap woke advertisement.

  17. Sean says

    Xbox forget this game exists clearly

  18. Nicolás Leone says

    And the Game Awards? nothing…

  19. Miguel Aguilar says

    Hoping to see more of this game today at the game awards 🙂

  20. мур мяу says

    Ну хоть какую инфу вкиньте, ну пожааалуйста…

  21. Russell Sutherland says

    2 years have passed… I am still so excited and waiting impatiently for this game!

  22. brunskies92 says

    @xbox people don’t make this woke and irreversibly ruin the IP forever. Thanks!

  23. Benny Recklezz says

    Its been 2 years since this trailer and they haven’t released ANY INFO since then….Trouble in Paradise???

  24. Ares25D says

    This trailer didnt tell us anything

  25. Games For says

    Fake games looooooool

  26. Dillon Brodzik says

    Whatever comes next in the franchise, I'm excited regardless.

  27. headbiscuits says

    developer hell got another one boys

  28. 2 года прошло уже, подходит к концу 2022… господа и дамы из microsoft, увидим ли мы тот самый fable?

  29. Itsapaul's Gaming says

    Welp, they're going woke with it. Disregard.

  30. gary jones says

    Get woke go broke. Stop ruining classic games.

  31. Zombie Legs Gaming says

    Hi can we see some FABLE????

  32. Miguel Aguilar says

    🕯 Fable in-engine trailer at The Game Awards 🕯

  33. Mareo187 says

    From what I seeing from God of War Ragnarok, I hope combat for Fable would be like that

  34. Mario Del Prete says

    release it

  35. Esther says

    Где игра то?! Я тот кто посмотрел трейлер, когда он только вышел. 2 ГОДА НАЗАД КАРЛ!

  36. Still nothing, not even concept art this game must be in development hell.

  37. Rur'âzar says

    Anyone know the OST that was used in this trailer?

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