Fakes | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is the crazy story of two teenage best friends who accidentally build (and lose) one of the largest fake ID empires in North America.

Watch FAKES on Netflix September 2:


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Fakes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Teenage best friends Zoe and Becca set out to build their own fake ID empire, but when business starts booming, their life of crime gets way too real.


  1. GambleSprings says


  2. Hudson Hunter says

    This show is so good. It better get a season 2!

  3. Salma Speaks says

    Gettho version of the girl but dumbed down to teens doing illegal making of license….

  4. Ian says

    I thought this might be an interesting watch. But after two episodes it seems it is just a look into the idiocy of the modern teen girl.
    Especially enlightening was the patheticness of the panic attack. If that is something that is actually happening to modern teens then we have bred a generation of weak willed morons.

  5. VersatileTrades says

    Richard Harmon always playing the bad guy. I love it 😀 I was surprised what happened to him in Van Helsing. Didn't expect that 😮

  6. Jaxon Gray says


  7. Bronny says

    Looks dumb. Netflix sucks lol

  8. Romeow says

    I really like this unreliable narrator way of telling the story X)

  9. Get off from my back says

    Obsessed give us s2

  10. Baste God says

    Tryst looks like Robert Pattinson on Good Time 😂

  11. Sweet Pea says

    This was reaaally good! Highly recommend

  12. TheValSL says

    literally had to stop watching bc of how bad of an actress the girl that palyed becca is. i don’t think i’ve ever cringed so much and i only watched til the middle of episode 2.

  13. GMC says

    It's funny . You need to see it yourself and enjoy on Netflix!

  14. UndercoverSummer123 says

    I reccomend to whatch this IT IS SO GOOD!!

  15. Miiha says

    Okay gonna watch this one

  16. Caffeinated Nation says

    John Murphy !

  17. Ashlisarang says

    This was soooo gooddd

  18. E says

    binged it in one day. great series! can't wait for next season.

  19. A'riel says

    The way she couldn’t say no to her friend n stick to it😹

  20. Meraleigh Queener says

    Please renew for another season!!!! LOVED this show!!!

  21. cat says

    This was awesome, laughed so many times.

  22. Kindu95 says

    This show was just all over the place

  23. stevendc83 says

    Binged it in one night, It's pretty decent.

  24. Mooncookies780 says

    Guys guys pls I can’t be the only one who saw chemistry between Zoe and Sophie

  25. Steele Family says

    This show is literally just copy and paste 🥱

  26. Mikki 🔮 says

    The trailer (the plot of the show) reminds me so much of the Good Girls tv show

  27. Amaro ueda says

    Not for me it’s too loud shouting and shouting but I’m into RICHARD HARMON 😘😘😘😘

  28. Molly_parker_18 says

    This gives me Teenage Bounty Hunter vibes so I’m definitely going to watch it.

    Edit: it’s a really good show. Highly recommend it.

  29. Yazan says

    Well. I am not yet desperate to watch teenagers show

  30. Maypire says

    Season 2 when?

  31. mewqoo says

    at first i was sceptical but it was actually really good

  32. Loren Baker says

    I just found out that the girl who played Zoe is 28

  33. Summer Fan says

    I binged it in a day. I think it was really good. hopefully netflix renews it

  34. Monohino Mcrey says

    Am going to watch it because of John maphy if u know u just know

  35. Sanyaa Biggs says

    I loved this show it was really good

  36. frank ferrero says

    Hard to identify with these type of movies.
    Kid this days are entitled little brats with no regards for anything else besides their smartphones,parties,buying expensive brands and getting laid.
    No moral compass,no empathy….just a void that they keep on trying to fill up with their social media and weird tiktok trends.
    I truly pity them…and to think these are the people that will be adults in 10 years makes me sick to my stomach.
    Movies from John Hughes now there is good quality teen content.
    Middle finger raised and sustained to all you social media whores,rot in hell.

  37. Ekaf Eman says

    its a really good series people, i just finished it

  38. m p says

    we have 'Good Time' Robert Pattinson at home

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