Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The criminal racing organization SH1FT3R is back and only the most talented Spy Racers can stop them! Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R is now available for Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Ricky Figueroa says

    Is Netflix.

  2. Chris Jackson says

    I have a question; is it possible to steer with gyro controls on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

  3. LC500 says


  4. Sun Sahasolarn says

    I see “SH1FT3R” I downvote

  5. D.T. Gray Arts says

    Ah yes let some kids safe the world from a dangerous threat by street racing as spies. Forget the adult professionals who are all about FAMILY.

  6. JeremyTMD Gaming says

    Is it free to play

  7. Christian James Roxas says

    Since launch, the PS5 comes and goes. But this.. Family is forever.

  8. MC Dexpo says

    No, Gross, Ew

  9. Cristian Silva says

    It’s time to have a new twisted metal or vigilant 8 instead of these kind of games

  10. William Lydolph says

    Its family

  11. Everaldo Eufrasio Goncalves says

    😂😂😂😂 tá mais pra um jogo da hot Wheels

  12. Gamer Dog says

    Wow this game look objectively better than last year game

  13. raccoon boy58 says


  14. Marcostoad says

    Day 2 of asking for lego Ninjago shadow of ronin on the switch

  15. Zac Martin Music says

    Fast and Furious: $39.99
    Family: Priceless

  16. DEXAS CZ says

    Ok game


    And collaborate with ubisoft to put Rayman in that crossover

  18. Internet Mouse says

    0:14 Why is he so little in the cutscene, i thought he was an inch shorter than torreto?

  19. Mirra says

    This looks like Sims

  20. Ozz Lee says

    Spy kids version of F&F?

  21. jon pezlo says

    Spy kids listen up

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