Fleeing by Night – Trailer

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It was in the 1930s, a musician called Hsu Shao-tung came back to China after learning cello in the US to marry his fiancé, Wei Yun-ying (Ying), who has written with him so many years. The Wei family owns a theater, so Ying was very interested in Chinese opera. When Shao-tung went back to China, Ying invited him to an opera called “Rushing Night.” One of the characters called Lin Chung impressed Shao-tung by his singing voice and body performances. The actor’s name is Lin Chung as well, and after Ying introduced him to Shao-tung, he visited Lin Chung in the back stage very soon. Ying and Shao-tung often takes Lin Chung out so that he can experience the life out of the opera troupe. They become friends. Lin Chung is an orphan and has a sympathetic personal background. Shao-tung finds out a shadow around Lin Chung. Huang Tzu-lei is a local rich young man, and whenever Lin Chung has a performance, he will book the whole theater and tries to control Lin Chung. After a few fights with Shao-tung, Huang Tzu-lei uncovers the vague relationship between Shao-tung and Lin Chung, which confuses Shao-tung too. Ying is so smart that she has already discovered the passion between Shao-tung and Lin Chung, and hides her feelings for Shao-tung. One night, Lin Chung finds that his master tries to rape one of his students and kills the master. Shao-tung goes back to the US because of the pressure of his parents and the society. Ten years later, Ying goes to the US to find Shao-tung and in his apartment in New York, they talk about this event. Ying tells Shao-tung that after he leaves China, Huang Tzu-lei finds Lin Chung and supports his life. When the Japanese attacked China, the Huang family becomes poor and Lin Chung takes care of Tzu-lei. After Huang’s death, Lin Chung tries to go to the US and find Shao-tung, but his wish never comes true.


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