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Flock is a multiplayer co-op game about the joy of flight and collecting adorable flying creatures with your friends. Soar through beautiful landscapes, seeking out rare and elusive creatures to add to your flock. Coming soon to Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Wishlist now: https://bit.ly/FlockSteam_YT

Developed by HOLLOW PONDS and RICHARD HOGG. Published by Annapurna Interactive.

© Annapurna Interactive, 2022


  1. Silas Chambers says

    is it free

  2. inosuke_uwu says

    This game is insanely beautiful

  3. MrMoffatt says

    This game will blow up, I know it will.

  4. Noah Sabadish says

    the sound design is immaculate

  5. Twiglets2 says

    This looks amazing – I can't wait!

  6. DJG says

    This game seems like mindless fun with friends and I love that the game looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see more

  7. 117 says

    Looks great can't wait to play

  8. Gavin Strange AKA Jamfactory says

    I adored Hohokum, so I am really hyped for this!!

  9. Voremage says

    So appeasing.

  10. Mediocre Spec Gamer says

    wow i like this one

  11. Kimantep1969 says

    Annapurna × gamepass 🥰🥰🥰

  12. Marth Koopa says

    local co-op I hope

  13. Samuel Grave Silva says

    Please… Local co-op 😍

  14. Messofanego says

    After Hohokum and I Am Dead, I am into anything Richard Hogg does!

  15. Quinmael says

    I said this already on the wholesome games channel:

    You can't understand how much
    When the first creatures appeared flicking their wings, i smiled.
    When the second ones appeared eating thick grass, my eyebrows rised.
    When the third creatures made their sounds i was opening my eyes wider than when I saw Hereditary.

    This is pure endorphins to my brain!

  16. jfspiresbeta says

    A pokemon esque game and no Switch version? Good luck!

  17. JV says

    Game Pass. Great

  18. makreel says

    Looks like a combination of Flower, Hohokum and Pikmin???
    Whatever it is, it looks very wholesome!

  19. OKRAD says

    Beautiful ❤️

  20. Carl Hartmann says

    Beautiful work everyone! This looks amazing

  21. Boie says

    Looooooks fantaastic!

  22. scamkunno says

    This is pog , came 2nd

  23. Ben Hibbits says

    Looks cool really now very excited for this

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