FORTNITE "Storm Flip" Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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FORTNITE “Storm Flip” Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch
© 2019 – Epic Games

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  1. Jackson Dresner says

    What's the dance at the end

  2. MarquisVonMonster says

    Did this really need a trailer? Fortnite is getting to that point where COD was, making weed leaf skins for guns and putting in Snoop Dog as an announcer pack.

  3. khamaji Taylor says

    Metriod prime echos wants to know your location

  4. SuperHurricane says

    So its a protective shield against the storm zone then?

  5. Jameel Mohammed Syed says

    First, nice

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