Fortnite x Star Wars – Official Darth Vader Teaser Trailer

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Check out the Star Wars Darth Vader Fortnite teaser trailer.

Darth Vader has arrived on Fortnite Island. The fallen Jedi has begun his campaign, landing at specific Fortnite Darth Vader locations each match, accompanied by some Fortnite Stormtroopers. Players will need to defeat Darth Vader and collect his Lightsaber, which can be used to swing or throw at enemies, as well as block incoming fire.

Fortnite E-11 Blasters can also be found in Imperial Chests at Vader Landing Sites or dropped by defeated Stormtroopers. Watch the brief Fortnite x Star Wars teaser, marking the Fortnite v21.10 update.

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  1. Kalogord says

    anakin back at it again, slaying younglings

  2. Ok says


  3. Pan Nalesnik says

    Just play battlefront 2

  4. I will defeat arcade assassin says

    Too bad we didn't get a pickaxe and all we got was a spatula with a long stick

  5. Mikey says

    That means at least one of them got there necks snapped

  6. chris pickard says

    Who would agree with me that they should do an animated movie of Fortnite? Leave a thumb up or down.

  7. Gabe Bierema says

    Noooo why??? Fortnite is dead. It has no more original content

  8. Silent Don says

    people still play this game? wild

  9. Ezudesu says

    He wasn't already in the game?

  10. Jaybo Corp.™ says

    I'm wondering how many dislikes this has.

  11. Dude says

    Time to wipe out humanity and start over

  12. The force is strong with this one

  13. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You says

    Anyone else think the idea of Darth Vader running around with a gun is hilarious

  14. The force is strong with this one

  15. Shipmaster Rtas Vadum says


  16. Astronomical says


  17. Izac T says

    We already know whats bout to happen to them and the banana gets eaten

  18. Mike H. says

    Star Wars.

  19. Switch Clips says

    Crazy that Fortnite will use the Imperial March and Disney won’t

  20. You will know the power of the dark side😈

  21. Akainu says

    They was shaking too 🥶

  22. James John says

    You must have high ground to defeat Vader

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