FROZEN 2 Trailer # 2 (NEW, 2019) Animation

  1. Jace Hataway says

    After many years this demon was released from its prison to bring nightmares to children

  2. Adolf Hitler says

    Oh Yes this looks like piece of a shit

  3. Animal Lover says

    But remember there is a rumor about Elsa being lesbian

  4. Peter K. says

    I am going to watch it even if it starts to look like just another boring Marvel movie with hyper visual effects.

    What made Frozen story so great for me was the idea that the splitting line between good/evil lays within your heart and your decisions in every moment. And that it is love that helps you make good decisions. Like in better parts of the Harry Potter series. Now it is just the boring old story of the good main character and the evil external actor that needs to be overcome.

    We all know how this would end up. Nobody is going to let Elsa die and have the world eternally consumed by the powers of the evil.

  5. Darth Wookie says

    I am definitely going to watch frozen 2 and rise of Skywalker movie this year Holiday

  6. Ayan Ali says

    I love Elisa she is very pretty. I hope one boy love story in this part Elisa.

  7. rushc5 says

    I thought this already came out like a couple years ago? I could've swore

  8. JIGgamer06 Garcia says


  9. Alpiansyah Alpiansyah says

    Very good Frozen 2, cool ?❤?

  10. Lizzie Blue Ppg says


  11. Richard Gijsbers says

    how? who made this? are these the same makers? why are they given this freedom of storytelling? this is so cool

  12. Martha Super says

    Magic is coming soon

  13. Luigi Marinus Gaming says

    Is er ook een Nederlandse trailer

  14. Tomaek says

    Will we get to know where her powers came from?! AWESOME

  15. pastel loca says

    I just hope that there ain’t a character that just becomes a villain out of the blue in the last ten minutes like Hans

  16. I am Lindsay est 2002 says

    We bet this story will show us deeper into the past we’re dose Elsa’s powers come from

  17. Dina Martin says

    Did anyone else see the stones like from brave.

  18. I am Lindsay est 2002 says

    This is big

  19. theeamarii says

    I Wish Jack Frost would be in the movie

  20. Tyrone Barnes says


  21. TheOneEffect ! says

    Oh yes! More mythical creatures and powers!

  22. TheOneEffect ! says

    Oh yeah! This looks epic! Can’t wait!

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