Gamers Are Awesome – Episode 93

awesome games


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✦Submissions by: (The Red Sparrows) (HaxCandy)
IGN: yasuomain42069 (uRijly) (Anders Parzival) (BlinkVII) (Samo_Adams) (Dominator666)
Xbox User: VoutryX (M-Zahrani) (XI YaBoi IX) (Kyokoluz) (amanphogat007-am) (Crossfx29) (Matsamplokos) (ConceitedPower3) (Addz) (Gromek999) (Kraddy) (Battlar) (Phenomenon) (Flenq) (Barnacle Potato) (Laurex) (@XxdododoosxX) (Master Ocean) (Trimloh Is Papi) (Seventh 0rca) (MrPhrost) (JL Benjamin) (Marcopezzu) (DaB3astDuck) (Oli) (DoubleForce17) (AleksandrVzo) (Regan) (Kryptev) (Cyberonix304) (SuperVergil13)

Music from
0:00 Rise From the Ruins – Edgar Hopp
1:52 Phoenix Rising – Edgar Hopp
4:06 Personal Vendetta – Edgar Hopp
5:41 For the Final Kingdom – Edgar Hopp
8:35 The Beast – Dream Cave

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  1. AtomicWarrior says

    8:40 Respect

  2. Elahi Tv says

    Gim Lik

  3. ExciL says

    What is your gmail so i can just send you some clips easily? the submission forums are kind of confusing. Idk what it means by series and i cant figure out how to get my clip link so can i just get your gmail so i can send it?

  4. C1audius says

    This just reinforces what a great hobby gaming is!!

  5. Hayden Pryce says

    I see the Red Sparrows

    I click

  6. mohammad says

    they were tooooooooooooooo lucky


    One of the best the best video i ever seen

  8. Tile says

    Does anyone know how this video is splitted to specific themes? every game has its own timeline

  9. leetlebob says

    What happened to halo? The fuck are those guns in the first clip?

  10. callumBish says

    Fair play to the guy on Apex with no hands

  11. Henry Cheng says

    The group of people who did the jet performance has a youtube channel named the red sparrows

  12. Vized-Skyshock says

    Yeah and toxic af. For example oppressor mk 2 in gta aka noobbike

  13. hello says

    2:57 imagine if they did that in a public lobby

  14. Léo Liébeaux says

    La patrouille de France ?

  15. Epickimster 22 says

    2:18 all it takes is a kid with an oppressor mk2

  16. Molsen says

    8:20 I have done it, take me home…

  17. Gevsheka says

    1:42 available only on console

  18. Adassity says

    The first CSGO clip was really not impressive at all

  19. H1R4 J3TT says


  20. Stijn manderijn says
  21. zathary says

    Shoutout to red sparrows for great internet connection

  22. Dann says

    I’m amazed by the Performance of The Red Sparrows

  23. Mario Antoniou says

    Funny thing is, the red sparrows is actually a stunt group on gta 5 representing the red arrows (RAF) and have done stunt shows using the mig 19 also known as the molotok

  24. Lionny Rodriguez says

    Imagine of the if the people in gta5 were doing the sky show and some oppressor mk2 just comes out of no where….

  25. Xenomorph Facehugger says

    bo4 EZZ omggg ja tak codziennie robie

  26. MLGSW4G says

    My enemies: this video

  27. gabriele gradino says

    4:22 wtf it was orribile to wach

  28. Trickyy says

    Did that man just catch the arrow in vr? Damn

  29. Drewz03 says

    2:30 it’s all fun and games until an oppressor pulls up

  30. Vasyan says

    Soviet Migg
    French flag

  31. Edward Rockingan says

    Fuck france

  32. Mick Shoemaker says

    Mad respect for putting TRS is the thumbnail

  33. L0F1_PROBLEMS says

    Imagine a gun game with the Roblox Parkour game by Hudzell Features

    That could be Sicko mode gaming

    Also The GTA V one was a real good work

  34. Marc Monge says


  35. Jallen says

    The red sparrows were amazing

  36. Charly Gex says

    Omg 2:30 😱😱😱😱

  37. Skidoo Official says

    like in france flag jet 1:54

  38. Dani :v says

    the airplanes are the best

  39. rescue08jr gaming says

    Wtf is so special about that BF4 clip? He used a JDAM. So what?

  40. Mobi Man says

    I’m probably the one that’s getting killed instead of getting kills

  41. KingSpazzy says

    Can the games be Mobile BC my epic vids are on my channel feel free to check them out and please feature

  42. Phill Smash says

    That in rp would bei the best

  43. Sal Ramirez says

    Shoutout to every dude in gta that could afford a molotok

  44. TITANFALL 2 gamers = 💪😎

  45. INTROVERT says

    5:04 game?

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