Gamers Are Awesome – Episode 95

awesome games


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✦Submissions by: (Anders Parzival)
Xbox User: I Am Your Rival (Shark_Leaden) (Dominator666) (Attribute) (indianahoss) (Samsquatch) (Lobaaaato) (SeeNights) (Grewe Gaming) (Awarebeasts) (Power Of Boss1) (l5I4) (WDF) (Formless) (Ajdin Ducanovic) (ThatWiseBoy) (NuclearToy) (KampManiaK) (FearCZ) (iiTz Sickshot) (XxPan-_-ChoxX616) (Pro GAMER) (AK Blunts) (inte7_batman) (Kit Carson) (GolgiesThirdNipple) (EJM) (SadoYuko-Chan) (C.Price) (TUS Skies) (Chess Nuts) (TheDarkSwindler) (Roniel Fiers) (HyperStorm) (GUILHERMEVMV) (ChrisDN1) (Futuresoldier156) (Verdepepino) (FraLeX) (Projectile)

Music from
0:00 Last Hero Standing – Dream Cave
1:48 Ragnarok – Edgar Hopp
4:03 A New Life – Difluent
7:26 Undaunted Warrior – Hector Posser
9:28 Super Hero – Hector Posser

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  1. Jacob Simonsen says

    cringe shit video

  2. loenpro 0610 says

    1:23 '' the pomp are awesome '' ep1

  3. Battle-duty 101 says

    I simple man I see days I click

  4. Cesniper says

    dayz thumbnail but no dayz content?

  5. canon isensys says

    but gamers are pathetic

  6. Levente Csoba says

    gamers are awesome videos should be called gamers are lucky af

  7. Ko Nine says


    Since a lot of years its only bullshit.

  8. Mark Gould says

    The titanfall 2 clip is pretty unremarkable

  9. Boio Krabz -PUBG says

    gamers are losers

  10. panchitoaranibar 333 says

    2:51 thanks for adding me

  11. Ketan Kharadi says

    Watch StealthGamerBR videos, he his real God

  12. Legenda says

    Lkl wgheyn I shawrt 5:34 I shgit byrigcks ghhahagahgaagahajahagaga

  13. KHOKH 69 says

    Let's get these dubskees gamers. Our coochie awaits

  14. Isaac Vargas says

    What game at 0:50

  15. Ravager 1001 says

    Let's make a clip

  16. Ravager 1001 says

    Because lmg really takes skill

  17. Xeno Tripx says

    That need for speed clip first one wasn’t cool I’ve done it several of times

  18. Hero says

    The first clip reminded me of that bow and arrow shot from the Robin Hood movie with Russel Crowe on the beach.

  19. Joseph Stroessner says

    Hit me right in the feels

  20. ZOFY:SENPAI says

    8:18 how did he even see him!!!

  21. ZOFY:SENPAI says

    I am hyped now
    went to play
    got killed

  22. ValtrossXM8 says

    I see these clips and I regret not saving a Clip of me from Titanfall 2 where I managed to perform an execution after landing on a phase shift pilot when I triggered my eject.

  23. HC Zocker says

    Love the DayZ background in the thumbnail

  24. Wookash _ says

    Yeah a guy killing enemies that spawned a second ago with a shotgun in battlefield… AWESOME

  25. Homeletsitos says

    What is the name of the first game clip? The bow one

  26. Ankur Ranjan Kakoty says

    4:31 my reaction- ?Whaaaaat….howww..!?

  27. Zachary Raddatz says

    What's the first game?

  28. Harry Hasler says

    What is the game in the first clip

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