Gears 5 Trailer at Xbox E3 Briefing | E3 2019

  1. omar mahdi says


  2. The 4th Komodo says

    That billie eielish emo bitch and gears of war don't mix, sorry.

  3. The 4th Komodo says

    Why does kait look like that one edgy white kid that used to get into a lot of fights at my old school

  4. Billy Bob says

    Wow…gears of war took a turn for the worse, I’m sorry but your fans are not edgy teens, oh wait…

  5. TheGreatPoptart says


  6. Yoshi TV Productions says

    Gears of wtf

  7. Yoshi TV Productions says

    Wtf is this, tik tok crazy kids

  8. Noah Mamet says

    "more like tears of war"
    -chad warden

  9. N00bgamerguy KING OF N00BS says

    I really liked this trailer. It's nice and short.

  10. Stormtroopers says

    0:37 wtf is that above her head Raam that you

  11. Stormtroopers says

    Think she needs a snickers

  12. yolo swag says

    Gears of period (once a month edition)

  13. I made an oath to myself when the first Gears came out that I will play all gears games… No matter how shit it is.

  14. FBI is watching says

    They made Kait ugly now

  15. Matthew Christian says

    I kinda hope the lambent return

  16. Xelenoz says

    i don’t want to play as a crazy lady smh

  17. Haden Goforth says

    So Kait is half locust now?

  18. Jinn 8612 says

    I'm done with this. This bitch was so rude for Marcus Fenix.

  19. Nick Lawson says

    It’s kind of poetic that we have one of the worst singers right now mumbling along to a even worse trailer

  20. Isaac Escamilla says

    To all the people whining about how “different” this game is that’s because it is. Think about it the old delta squad including Marcus arc is over in the story it’s about a new group of people trying to live and fight through the new enemy and this is good because it turns the story we knew and loved and takes it to another level that actually is interesting

  21. Frank Rodaligo says


  22. Focus Support pls says


  23. Dr. Man of Culture says


  24. Nain Guzman says

    Se fue en un viaje de ácido con los locunst ??????

  25. yolo swag says

    Is this the new Hit or Miss?????

  26. Max Hell says

    Did you notice the title of this video?
    There's no more war in Gears of War
    Someone remember this:

  27. G M says

    Remember when Gears was about fighting for the survival of humanity and actual war strategy. Now we have this.

  28. joship2000 says

    Dumbest fucking trailer I have ever seen.

  29. Happy Panda15 says

    Billie eyelash

  30. Carthago delenda est says

    Filthy feminist cancer.

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