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Genesis Alpha One Out now!

Genesis Alpha One mixes thrilling rogue-like mechanics with a deep ship builder and blisteringly fast first-person action, putting you in the role of an interstellar pioneer.

Your goal: Find new homes for humanity’s DNA and save the species from extinction

Rated Mature: Language, Violence, Blood and Gore


  1. San s says

    Rather than spaceship building, don’t you mean space station building

  2. Darek Baird says

    This is basically the best Stargate game we never got.

  3. Doug Sam says

    Its an okay game. I beat it in 7 hours.

    Wish they let you change the armor and build robots that well keep your ship safe.

  4. Kobalt Rad says

    whats with the footage of the game that looks like someone recorded it with a hand held camera at :44

  5. Essex 37 says

    Gunplay looks real stiff like something out of the late 90s

  6. Charlie VanderWal says

    We need a gosh dang Jan Michael Vincent in quadrant 1!

  7. Inquisitor Dragon says

    Personally, I'm happy just to a space-based Survival and explore game. Graphics and animation be damned, I need content with some single player value.

  8. Bob Johnson says

    Aliens the game

  9. Gerardo ಠ_ಠ says

    Man this would be so awesome with an Co-Op online mode

  10. omega Erwin says

    Graphics and plot are terrific but the gameplay, movement, and weapon handling seem a off for a new game

  11. Jack Kelsey says

    no mans golden eye

  12. Joeschmofromcocomo says

    Doom vibes

  13. The Awsome Channel says

    In the darkness of space… no one can hear you scream.

  14. Overlorded Sith says

    Sounds like a Sandbox of Natural Selection with some Space Engineers mixed

  15. leo kosovilka says

    No mans sky 2

  16. System.3.0.2 says

    Reminds me of unnatural selection 2

  17. John Marston says

    You can lock on to your enemies making aiming a lot easiet

  18. Derpy Hooves says

    Can't wait

  19. Sam Mitchell Channel says

    Take your time…

  20. JScafidi616 says

    Improve a little the animations please

  21. Jester Godfield says

    Doesnt look bad, just unfinished

  22. ZombieXCore Death says

    Was this even well thought about?

    What's the real goal here? O.o

  23. Klon11 says

    freetoplay multiplayer?

  24. Tiki Batbayar says

    One Jan Vincent Michael for each QUADRANT.

  25. Henry Burby says

    AKA Conquest of the Glorious Space Eugenicists

  26. Yon Sire Liege says

    A lot of Animators in the comments today..

  27. Nailoth says

    We only have one gun license in the game, now try and shoot everything on board.

  28. Ashwin Solanki says

    No man's sky is that you…?

  29. Fat Lollipop67 says

    This pretty much deep rock galactic

  30. Maggie says


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