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  1. Lebbu says

    Obduction is free?! Cyan is the fucking best hell yeah!

  2. mohamed mango says

    Microsoft > Epic
    Who would of thunk it
    1:18 Free game
    2:39 Free game

  3. feelingtardy says

    idk, i played gears of war 4 on pc bought from MS store. the only problems i had were the nvidia pascal drivers broke the game for almost a year. i know everyone says the MS store is trash, but i've never had a problem with it. my only problem is the way games are installed and handled on windows 10 by MS. maybe that's what people are complaining about then? as far as just going to the MS store and getting the game you want, i have no problem with it. also, the first party games i've played run pretty damn good.

  4. Mundie Afterlife says

    i would pay 100$ for each Forza game just to have them on steam.

  5. Danny D says

    You piece of shit epic game store fanboy. Have fun getting your info stolen by the Chinese government. You fucking idiot.

  6. Franklin M. says

    caliss t'a tu dla marde dans bouche osti arrete de clickbait grosse viarge. jparis que t juste une osti dgrosse truchogne.

  7. WaxTapeCdEatter says

    Gow 5 on steam wack!! Should stay exclusive for Microsoft Windows….

  8. Wolf Storm says

    I like how the free games are usually stuff I'd never buy with my own money

  9. Leonardo Pasquetto says

    So is anyone here NOT HATING Epic Game Store? Asking for a friend, you know πŸ™„

  10. Japman Kohli says

    Quantum Break is on Steam… But it's a nightmare. It's tooooooo bright !

  11. Cjgoku Homes says

    Imagine Forza horizon 4 on steam
    (぀ β™₯灬 ΝœΚ– 灬β™₯)぀

  12. Kodey Patterson says

    I really don’t want Gears to come to steam. I love steam, but steam produces cheaters in multiplayer games. Cheaters ruin multiplayer.

  13. Aquariuskudo says


  14. Stefan-Catalin Anton says

    There was a rumour a time ago about Microsoft buyng Valve.

  15. zabrielx says

    Forza on steam would be legendary

  16. The_Daft_Mau5 says

    You know what this means, right? Halo Infinite on Steam is highly likely at this point!

  17. MaiZeAwaKened says

    Mush, I'm so glad you made a better script. Usually you ramble and repeat yourself, but this was honestly one of your best presentations. Very enjoyable!Keep it up manπŸ‘

  18. YoungDiplomat says

    Can't wait for Gears 5 to come to steam. This will certainly increase the pc player base by a drastic amount. I'm a huge Gears fan & have been playing GOW4 since it released. Without crossplay for Gears 4 on pc, the game would be history. Most of the player base are on xbox.

  19. Oshi Watcher says

    Obduction Giveaway button just leads me to the Home Page of GOG πŸ™

  20. Dajuan Moten says

    When does the steam sale start

  21. Monty Sep says


  22. CircleOfSorrow says

    I don't care what is exclusive or free from Epic; I will never willingly make myself the product. Good to hear Microsoft will be releasing titles on Steam.

  23. J. Pak says

    Too many advertisements I got to advertisements back to back for this show

  24. Kato says

    Fuck Epic, they need to rot. Because of them Linux support is thinning out…

  25. Vendin Machine says

    Exciting stuff.

  26. DiarrheaKing says

    It’s awesome that Microsoft is planning on working with steam/valve. I look forward to play Forza, GoW, and maybe even HW2 ?

  27. The_Myth_Of_ 129 says

    Forza on steam we are in the end times

  28. Grobar Jug says

    Good for Microsoft, they care about gaming and gamers while Sony only cares about making games exclusive to their console.

  29. Palmo says

    They upgraded the Battle Edition of BO4 to the Standard Edition

  30. XYcanerXY says

    Forza on Steam?
    Is this a dream?
    I can't believe… <3

  31. Prusak J says

    my bo4 battle edition humble is now the standard edition, get you zombies fix for 12 xD

  32. Stephan says

    I`m convinced that Microsoft ideally, doesn't want to make a new console because they keep bringing their best games to PC.

    I think Microsoft would rather make games instead of making a console.

  33. Jeremiah Freeman says

    Hey mush, thank you for letting me know about the free VR capable game. I just ordered a VR headset and it's supposed to be here in a few days, so now I'll have something to play when it gets here.

  34. MrSammy says

    ✌️😎 PS3 + 360 + PC ✌️😎

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