Get EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & Xbox Game Pass for PC this Holiday

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This holiday, get EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC for no additional cost.

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  1. Yellow marshmellow puff nob says

    Ok I love Bill gates now

  2. Noémi Adorján says

    what's name the music

  3. Cammy Thach says

    the game are pretty and the music too

  4. storm Angel says

    1 year today and still looking for this music

  5. TMZPH03N1XQC says

    Anyone find the music for this? Not even Shazam can

  6. Jinjonut 68 says

    Will it work on the Surface go 2 Intel M3 model?

  7. Lazy Monster says

    Song name?

  8. Aiden. says

    In 50 years: Get the Xbox Game Pass Super Ultra Extreme Ultimate to get free house bill pay every month

  9. Shift154 says

    i cant download fifa 21 from game pass, it asks me to login and pay for ea access or buy the game

  10. Black_Gaming says

    It doesn't work for me

  11. Sean says

    It took about a 3 month delay, but it's finally part of GamePass PC now!

  12. Glauco Costa says


  13. Single Player Mania says

    Still waiting…

  14. Jandrez says


  15. Josephch says


  16. Rafael Rodrigues says

    Still doesn't work bruh

  17. d3n1z says

    When this gets on PC game pass ??

  18. MAK says

    Still waiting…

  19. Schommie says

    when does it start? we have 2021! (PC)

  20. Nicolas says


  21. Susy Taggueg says

    did battlefield 1 came to xbox game pass for pc ??

  22. Tường đức Lý says


  23. Gaahl 3:16 says

    EA are probably taking time to program microtransactions and surprise mechanics into every game, even the ones that didn't have them originally 😂

  24. Laurin says

    it´s 2021 and i´m still waiting…

  25. Avaneesh KS says

    Everybody gangsta until Microsoft buys EA

  26. Ren G says


  27. CordeiroPlays says


  28. Viktor Kovács says

    MISLEADING THEIR CUSTOMERS. great job great fookin job

  29. GAMERAMA says

    do i have to be on ultimate gamepass to enjoy EA Play? I'm on PC gamepass only

  30. Jonathan Jansen says

    It doesn't work. Anyone else has problems getting ea play to work with your game pass?

  31. Hasan Al Kaium says

    best thing ever to happen…

  32. Jair Molina says

    release date for pc?

  33. Saul Morales says

    name of the music?

  34. Phill Hopper says

    will all EA games be available to play on PC? I have been hoping to get some good sports games for my PC, NHL in particular

  35. Rod Neuer says

    I just bought my X series and I’m obsessed

  36. NGÁO GAMING says

    Still don't have EAplay on Gamepass PC :V ?

  37. Búho 013 says

    How can i get my ea play? I have xbox game pass ultimate

  38. HJ says

    First I thought let's buy xbox live gold but when saw this trailer my mind changed to buy game pass ultimate I am happy with my disesion

  39. Rodney Reeves says

    i got xbox game pass ultimate but i don’t get EA help

  40. Str7x says

    how to get ea play from game pass on pc?

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