GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT “We Are Wolves” Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : October 4th 2019
© 2019 – Ubisoft

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  1. Kenneth Miller says

    What is the trailer music?

  2. Helix says


  3. S G M de Paz says

    Zero gameplay shown….. CRAP GAME

  4. Xiao Yu Long says

    Lie gameplay

  5. Daniel G says

    Game would've been 10x better if you could've played jon berthal

  6. Andy Copland says

    Click bait with false title. Fuck subscribing to this shit.

  7. Matt.Dufault says

    I wouldn’t really consider this a gameplay trailer but ok

  8. esqueleto barilla puebla says

    2:30 minutos de escenas de video y 10 segudos de gameplay porque carajo le ponen gameplay si es todo escenas de video

  9. Alonzo Antolin says

    "Hidden amoung sheep"
    Yet, he wears an oversize coat and armour lol.

  10. ToniOrange says

    now THAT is a fucking awesome trailer

  11. Rafahil says

    Really hoping we'll get to wear those enemy's coats.

  12. TheEdward1812 says

    Oh, the music from days of future past

  13. Ian Mitchell says

    Not a gameplay trailer

  14. ronin ronan says

    Damn, they got Jon Berthal for lines and a character

  15. ronin ronan says

    1:03 "ah for fucks sake Gary, I told you making the building out of cardboard was a bad idea!"

  16. Badal Thapa says

    Where's the gameplay?

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