Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Pre-Order Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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  1. Yuichi Kita says

    Wait, this isn't Luigi's Mansion…

  2. G-Max says

    Ghostbusters, you made 2019 the best year

  3. Nik Tru says

    i love you nintendo i love Ghostbusters

  4. SuperSonicXtreme says

    Was that dan aykroyd talking?

  5. Greg McLeod says

    When I thought I had finished the game, but played bob the robber on hudgames the next day … WTF has a lot of things I have to overcome

  6. WalkInToBrickWalls ForDays says


  7. UHFStation1 says

    Just finished the Switch remastered version. Wasn't as familiar as I thought it would be. Then watched YouTube video of the Wii version. There were a lot of changes. Is this like the Play Station version?

    In the Switch version there is no T-rex, electric ghosts, less hidden doors, no spiral hallway and upside-down and sideways rooms on floor 13, no multicolor slime, and no dancing skeletons in the graveyard. The switch version did have those opera singers which was cool and the spiral staircase in the museum. Not sure how many versions there were of the game, but it would be cool if there was a unified version with everything.

  8. モモ says


  9. alejandro Rosales Padilla says

    can play 2 player mode as wii game???

  10. ネモ先生 says


  11. Devon Hayden says


  12. It finally Ended says

    Now all we need left is cod waw remastered

  13. jaz morrison says

    i want this re release version omg

  14. Jasmin Norasaki says

    Id like to know who zetemor is i only know winston

  15. Not Jakoby K Totally says


  16. Liloleke Pako iki says

    Are you a god?


    Yesssss!!! Just seen this lol

  18. MaximusJohal says


  19. Elysium Emerald says

    I actually didn't know ghostbuster was going to be a game on Nintendo Switch and others

  20. Jim Y says

    Does seem odd that Nintendo would release 2 ghost capturing games in the same month. Especially when one of them is their own property.

  21. Charthers says

    Stick to the movie.. Thank god it’s not the feminist version though..

  22. Jose Sepulveda says

    Will this have that online multiplayer option where u team up with 3 other people and fight waves of ghosts which get harder as the waves progress? The ps3 version wave 10 was staypuft with his marshmallow goons. The ps3 servers were taken down and i neva played online again!!!

  23. Josh Drake says

    I really like how Dan says "and me!"

  24. - C L O U D - says

    Wooooo hoooo ghostbusters

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