Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Ace Leader9 says

    When should we expect the DLC bossfight of Dan's Skull Vodka.

  2. An Orangutan says

    Y’all hear something?

  3. yovklyn says

    me and my sister were literally talking about how great we thought this game was, and i wanted to watch old gameplay, AND I FIND THIS

  4. Mr Gamer says

    Is this about the Ghostbusters 2020

  5. Miguel Jaque says

    for those that don't know, the story of this game is based off the script of GB3, the old script

  6. Kaylin Z says

    someone answer this: is this the same one that was on the wii?

  7. Dark Kaito says


  8. DynastyOSX says

    Not a soul:
    Absolutely no one on Earth:

  9. Alexander Foster says

    Can't wait for it. (the only problem is that I don't have a gaming console yet)

  10. daniel silva de carvalho says

    uhuu yes

  11. MAU RF says

    YES! YES!!!


  12. Dimos Laros says

    Thank you Sony. Thank you PlayStation team. Thank you Ghostbusters fans!!!
    This is outstanding?! It will be a blast!

  13. lo op says

    I choose death stranding

  14. J4msless says

    Now this

    This is my childhood all over again

  15. Fernando Garcia says

    The real and original ghostbusters!!!

  16. 1092NK says

    Gozer the Gozerian is ready

  17. JFKSHOTFIRST 63 says

    I’m happy but mad because it’s not on Xbox one

  18. Cody Campbell says

    Harold Ramis rest his soul

  19. David Baird says

    I played this game when it was in ps3

  20. Sergey Anarchy says


  21. Warr_Toast _ says

    Just like what fry said: Shut up and take my money

  22. Bob Bobby says

    Reeeeeeeeeee itsssss timmmmmmmeeeee reeeeeeee

  23. Shade's Insane Chamber says

    Huh, Didn't Expect this!?

  24. kittehbear23 says

    I neeeeeddd this game

  25. Neutral Artist says

    Why? ?

  26. Alien Alive says

    i hates that game

  27. Chris Grey says

    I'm still waiting for them to make a remastered version of Haunting Ground.

  28. Bryce Thompson says


  29. michael mongiello says


  30. hardiehardley says


  31. N Crowbar says


  32. shAWN sWINT says

    My Prayers Have Finally Been Answered. Ghostbusters The 2009 Video Game for the PS4.

  33. Shaleah Wallace says

    I wonder when this will be out hopefully before the end of the summer

  34. SidNightWalker says

    Uh-huh, the art design is still rather terrible, sorry to say.

  35. Austin Reed says

    How could anyone dislike this video??? This is the BEST video game adaptation of the ghostbusters

  36. Kokiri Kidd says

    I wanted a PC release but refuse to use the Epic store. It's releasing on PS4, Switch, XBox One, and PC. But PC is on the epic store and I don't know if it's a timed exclusive or permanent. Was going to try to buy it twice but I guess not now.

  37. Sicon000 says

    This game is something special. An official sequel written and performed by the original cast, starring you as the teams newest recruit. Legendary.

  38. Vishal Patel says

    Me: sees thumbnail


  39. Double A Battery says

    Played the ds and wii versions. Never got to try this one and I wanted to so badly cause it was a way better version and literally a part 3. Cannot wait!

  40. DG Snuggle the pug says

    Activision:hah nothing can be more hype than our new COD trailer

    Ghostbusters:hold my ectoplasm

  41. Garrystan says

    This and an upcoming 3rd Ghostbusters movie? Can’t wait 🙂

  42. BlackPanda874 says

    I always wanted to have another ghostbusters like on ps4 before I thought of it and i was excited when said it was remastered

  43. Ultimate Outcast says


  44. Mark Henderson says

    Plays best on PC

  45. Lauryn Miller says

    I use to play this with my friends when I was little! I'm so excited

  46. Spectre says

    This game is underrated

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