Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered | Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Not_Demonai_Warrior says

    Definitely working hard to make up for the failure that was the women ghost busters, and I love it.

  2. Bayonetta Winchester says

    I'm happy it's coming on the PC, but unhappy that it's not going into the Steam store.

  3. Jon Price says

    This was great… Explain why they changed the follow up games to something underwhelming when they had this masterpiece to work from?

  4. Andrew James La Menza says

    This game is awesome just hope that you can drive the ecto 1 that would be amazing but very doubtful as you couldn't do that on ps3 but you can just dream instead

  5. Kezzy 90 says

    I gonna make a psychic prediction and say june 16th 2019 ghostbusters the video game remastered will be released cause that was the release date for ghostbusters the video game on the ps3

  6. IBadGrammar says

    so no pc becuese ghost buster own by sony……………ok

  7. BakerTheChef says

    Ahh, another exclusive. Guess I'll watch a playthrough on YouTube.

  8. Dominic Thiemke says

    Yes a Ghostbusters game that dose not suck thank God its been a long time

  9. Riley Shapcott says

    I can not begin to express my disappointment of this being an exclusive to PlayStation. As a child I had an extreme love for ghostbusters, and this is not only one of the first games I ever got, but the first game I ever finished to the end. I was so excited when I hear this was announced, but felt awful when I saw I can’t play it. This legitimately ruined my day.

  10. baublittr says

    who played this when It first came out? LIKE ME KIDS HAHAHAAHHAHHAS

  11. swamedes says

    Who you gonna call?

  12. PotterAndMatrixFan says

    Such a random remaster, but ok.

  13. Ahahahaha???!!!NICE!!!

  14. James Everett says

    Yes, underrated for sure, I can't wait to play it again, and finally get the Platinum!

  15. Kezzy 90 says

    Feels stupid setting ghostbusters 2020 in the original universe when none of the original ghostbusters are in the movie doesn't filming start in june they normally they only start shooting when they have the full cast and so far none of the original ghostbusters have be asked to come back

  16. Kezzy 90 says

    Ghostbusters 3 died with harold ramis

  17. Is it exclusive?

  18. Daniel Anyamele says

    They're the best. They're the beautiful. They're the only…Ghostbusters!

  19. Vlad Sentry says

    It says that the resolution is higher, but will at least look as good as the pc version?

  20. Jake Friedel says

    Already have it on PC and will probably have the exact same results, wish they would/are adding extra content aside from a resolution bump.

  21. Avin _J2G says

    I Also Played This Game In Psp(With Emulator PPSPP)It Great

  22. obscured mirage says

    Is like my prayers were answer I been wanting to play it again but I don’t have a 360 or ps3 to play. So glad is coming out on ps4

  23. Warr_Toast _ says

    Am I dreaming? This gotta to be the most happiest I've been

  24. Agent Nobu says


  25. hilario flores says

    doesnt look that much different from the ps3 version tbh wont be buying

  26. methical says

    The closest to Ghostbusters 3 we ever got.

  27. GWEW123 says

    im not saying its a bad game, but it was bizarre in that it was the only game ive ever played where youre not the main character.

  28. meiran rozgovich says


  29. David Folsom says

    the real question, an actual remaster or pretty much just the pc version? Cause a few remasters have pretty much just been the pc version set to high like bioshock :-/

  30. Rikmach says

    I hope we actually get a competent PC port this time.

  31. CaptainBardiel says


  32. Movie Knights 2016 says

    Something Ghostbuster 3 should have been done modeled off , instead, we get a Saturday night live parody of Ghostbusters

  33. ChickenOfTheCaveMan says

    Can't wait to cause some damage!

  34. Kenimation Studios says

    Imma need the DLC to be poppin!

  35. Matze nordi says

    Na endlich tut sich mal wieder was für die ps4 Spiele. War ne zeitlang nur langweilig. Wenns kommt hol ich es mir. Weiss schon jemand das genaue Datum?

  36. ckotherletters says

    Do you remember reading the descriptions and classifications of all the different ghosts you captured?

  37. kalith says

    i really enjoyed this game. ill pick up the remaster if its reasonably priced.

  38. D2K Prime says

    THIS was Ghostbusters 3.

  39. TheGamerClubber says

    I liked this one…back in PS3…

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