Ghostrunner | Cinematic Trailer | 2020 | (PC, PS4, XBOX)

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Become a cyber-warrior and experience fierce, dynamic combat both in the physical world and in cyberspace. Watch the trailer now!

Blood-thirsty enemies, an environment full of deadly traps, virtual reality overlayed on top of real space—all this and more awaits you as you make your way, level by level, towards the top of the tower. Your high-tech blade slices through flesh and metal, delivering gory one-hit kills. Bullet-time mechanics give you an edge in fast, high-adrenaline combat. Unique cybernetic skills help you cope with enemies and an environment that can end your life at any moment.

Ghostrunner supports NVIDIA’s RTX technology.
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  1. Tomas Hidlo says


  2. Aussienutz On Twitch says

    Came here to tell you fine folks the track is <3

  3. Daniel Norton says

    Me: wait is that Karlson?
    Dani: NO

  4. PUMA says

    Im still mindfucked how the fuck all of this was a DEMO version.

  5. Logan Laurel World says

    Hmm, seems kinda T H I C C

  6. Koweden says

    Righteous shit!

  7. MrTimurer says

    This is pre demo

  8. Music?

  9. ReaderXmc says

    Just played the demo and this game is sick! Can't wait for the full game!

  10. EtRicK says

    Yi? Is that you?

  11. Zax The Hedgehog says

    Why does the mask, look like the Hunter mask from Destiny?

  12. Pedrigal, Paterno Jr. Braga says

    Game idea from Karlson

  13. Cupp says

    Master yi collab with dani

    I mean

    LoL x Dani game


  14. craig says

    karlson 3d if it was made by a triple a company

  15. kl j says

    Hello, your game has been played more than 1403,000 times on,This is a link

  16. Killer Queen says

    Is that a new genji skin?

  17. Gabriel B. says

    Damn this reminds me a lot of blacklight retribution (sad that game closed down)

  18. DogGameEn says

    Im here from milk gang it has copied karlson

  19. carl warior says

    When ghostrunner gets less wishlists than karlson

  20. Hyperplay 666 says

    Basically genji from overwatch but with more advanced tech

  21. Pyrophoenix55/Eric says

    Oh looks it's karlson

  22. Mercury says


  23. Bertha Ortiz says

    Is it just me or is this game looking…

  24. Kale says

    I need milk

  25. David says

    Nice but can you buy it on dvd's as well to gift it?

  26. R Rabbani P says

    F* Orange Juice Gang!1!1!

  27. Annoying dog in car says

    Isn't that copy of another game?

  28. Dalibor Rajic says

    Who's here after Dani's video to check out the game

  29. Basqia Sharma Wardhana says

    Karlson V2

  30. Bihomech z says


  31. Poggers Man says


  32. Pinguin says

    The game looks awesome! I would buy it if I could.

    Orange juice gang bad

  33. [ Guardian ] says

    Genji solo?

  34. DontMind Me says

    Note: this is not a karlson copy, this game has been worked on for a while, this game will be very different from karlson.

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