GhostWire Tokyo Trailer: New Horror Action Adventure from Tango Gameworks at E3 2019

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Take a watch of the GhostWire: Tokyo reveal trailer, introducing the spooky new action-adventure game from Tango Gameworks, the studio behind The Evil Within. In it, you investigate disappearances in Tokyo – a city under siege by a strange, new evil – and fight occult forces with your own spectral powers. Curious? Subscribe to Outside Xbox for more as we get it.

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  1. xXDarkLord24Xx says


  2. Anonymous Blank says

    I hope Pink Guy is in this

  3. Lukesw01 productions says

    It's spooky

  4. 黒くて太くて硬い says

    Wow! It's not like China.
    This is Japan!

  5. Mike's Palace of DownTime says


  6. Codrut Anghelescu says

    So, WTF is this game about?

  7. grognack says

    Am I the only one that felt bad for that dog

  8. ThisguyQuake says

    00:40 White pumps after Labor Day!!! I know who the real bad guy is.

  9. Amr Tarek says

    It's spoooky

  10. Rax._.78 :0 says

    Iss spooky

  11. Julia Velasquez says

    Trailer got me at SHIBA

  12. VzKraazy says

    Intriguing? It certainly spiked my intrest

  13. -Wendy's- says

    I’d love to play this game

    If I weren’t too scared

  14. Subarashii M. says


  15. oii m8 it's meh says

    How dare they make that Shiba sad >:(
    T h e s e g h o s t s s h a l l p a y

  16. TheUndying_Soul says

    For the first 20 second I haven't even realize that was done with CG lol

  17. Jennifer van der Wal says

    I love the mythology elements. Yes please!!

  18. Kelio Martin says

    This is y Hawkeye wasnt in the avengers game trailer

  19. Not Important says

    THANK YOU THANOS!!!!! Clap Clap ClapClapClap

  20. Come on tell me that they were inspired by Marvel

  21. Modustollens1 says

    Can someone GhostWire Boston for me? Traffic has been brutal lately.

  22. MisaelDoesAnimation says

    Me watching the trailer: idk what it is about but it’s looks cool

  23. darkneon85 says

    There is a demon in the rain at 1:00 during the flash of thunder in the background to the right of the dude in the middle

  24. Adrian Fu says

    1:09 kinjaz!?

  25. worthless cunt says

    Im getting the Death Stranding vibes

  26. tchence says

    Damn looks crazy

  27. David Kennedy says

    This looks really interesting, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for its release. I am a huge fan of Japanese/Korean/Chinese horror movies. I love their completely different look and feel, it's so different to Western horror. Fingers crossed that this will be as incredible as it looks!!!

  28. ii France says


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