Gigantosaurus The Game – Accolade Trailer

  1. Lino 2 says

    xbox series x jogos
    gigantosaurus the game

  2. Lino 2 says

    xbox series x jogos
    scooby doo first frights

  3. TheMLGman says


  4. DuLegitLIFE says

    uhhhh…… 0_0

  5. Scott Young says

    Also I want this game it looks so good

  6. Scott Young says

    Just give us 007 golden eye remastered

  7. Angel Rodriguez says

    Just cause I like dinosaurs I might buy lol reminds me of diddy kong

  8. Karin Pedro says

    The music reminds me of the shore track in Mario Kart 64. Very relaxing!

  9. raventhorX says

    This gunna be on gamepass?

  10. Ramtin Basiri says


  11. Yun 06 says

    This looks awesome. Definitely gonna check it out when more info or gameplay comes out

  12. Daffa Putra says


  13. Jhabari Owens says

    Can we get Killer Instinct 2 please or Left 4 Dead 3 please

  14. aref remy says

    Ngl tho this platformer reminds me of the old times

  15. Thomas says

    Does the game run 4k 120 Hertz with hdr?

  16. Vermin O'hara says

    This music.. I.. I..

  17. Hakaishin Geen says

    The game

  18. bulbo67 geiMer says

    The game

  19. Movies with friends says

    I never heard of this game before.

  20. joey kill says

    Land before Flintstones.

  21. Captain Beulo says

    The Game 😳👌🏻

  22. Kaden Goff says

    I ‘ l L t A k E y O u R e N t I r E s T o C k!!!!!

  23. Mateo Ochoa says


  24. Minh Le says

    Please do some exclusively games on Xbox

  25. Gameplay Blood says

    I really wish that Microsoft and Spencer bought spiderman Morales company for Xbox series x and one

  26. Jerome McCalla says

    Never heard of this game.


    Will EA play will be install in the xbox game pass app ?

  28. Mechwd Gaming says

    "You should play this"
    – Art Director's Mom

  29. zAcwK says

    subtitles: [MUSIC AND SFX]

  30. Jhonsebastian Quiroga says


  31. Leonardo says

    Star wars in game pass ultimate, Nice

  32. Felix Martinez says

    There that missing switch game.

  33. Andi Satrio says

    Visually stupid

  34. sinnohen says

    Watching this just makes me want Croc 3. C'mon Jez San, gimmie my Wazoo Kerpow green boy.

  35. Gaming Fun says

    Looks amazing.

  36. Lokritz says

    By the power of Series X!!

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