GOAT SIMULATOR 3 Official Pre-Udder Trailer (2022) 4K

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Goat Simulator 3 Official Pre-Udder (Pre-Order) Trailer New in remastered/upscaled 4K ULTRA HD and 60 FPS for PC, PS5, PS4, XBOX SERIES X/S, XBOX ONE.

Release Date: November 17, 2022

Get ready for another round of udder mayhem. Lick, headbutt, and ruin your way through a brand new open world in the biggest waste of your time since Goat Simulator! We won’t tell you how to play (except in the tutorial), but merely provide the means to be the goats of your dreams. The game is being developed by Coffee Stain North AB and it will be published by Coffee Stain Publishing AB on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One later this year.

Wishlist/Pre-Purchase on Epic: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/goat-simulator-3

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  1. treefiddytwoo says

    shame we got a new game before they even bothered to fix flappy goat on the old console port

  2. Super Fun Stick says


  3. ERREX says

    Ahh the return of the mighty! Alot of kids will have no clue what this is, for those whom are 18 – 25 will know xD

  4. SomeSortofWeeb says


  5. Enzo says


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