Godzilla: King Of The Monsters – Trailer

  1. Rischo Maulana says

    Godzilla vs hydra awoakwoak

  2. Royal And friends says

    My friends told me Godzilla is a girl

  3. theonewolf says

    what do the symbles mean at teh end

  4. theonewolf says

    only 11 comments

  5. Yellow Clorox bleach says

    Looks better than godzilla 2014

  6. Outdoor Vids says

    10th comment

  7. ardis pak says

    Why is there 8 comments
    Oh wait…

  8. Ash says

    Why is there only 6 comments ?

  9. Nano Costa says

    wtf with this channel

  10. Jimmy Fish says

    Y is there only 5 comments

  11. Dawn Martin says

    IT'S OUT!!

  12. Kill me please says

    funny meme

  13. irishellioty says

    lol whys there only 2 comments

  14. NatalPlays Fortnite says


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