GoldenEye 007 Xbox Game Pass Reveal Trailer

  1. Charles Burns says

    Does anyone know if they will just put it on Xbox to be payed for? I don't have gampass

  2. FE4RMONGER says

    I cannot wait to pause the game to listen the the banger of a song that it plays 🤌

  3. Gator159 says

    how would this even make any sense if they were saving this as a holiday release when there's no physical way to buy this thing

  4. L.Carlos Sanclemente says

    Getting an Xbox just for this 😀

  5. Gator159 says

    An actual release date would have been so nice.

  6. 420Mario says

    25 years… for the intro trailer 🥲

  7. WhackTony🃁 says

    Needs to be released now!

  8. A says


  9. morbid witness says

    Fyi, owners of the digital copy of Rare Replay get to download this masterpiece for free when it releases if game pass rights are not enough for you 😁

  10. natebayne says

    Omg I’m so ready… call of duty what now?

  11. Jose Rocha says

    If my OG fans are here yall know that couch co op was the main reason why this game was bussin! shii I get the best of both worlds having both consoles but fuck it xbox gets the higher quality and framerate and switch gets online play with the OG itsself id say its a win win xbox gets to have the same type of experience as we all did with our cousins or friends on the n64.

  12. isidro oviedo says

    Incluido en rare replay, que grande xbox 💚

  13. RIXBOX says

    Whats the odds this is going to be the same remaster thats unofficially available for the Xbox 360 upscaled to 4k?

  14. Michael says

    Goldeneye 64 is not a game that has aged well. Though I think that's more the fault of the control schemes being designed for that horribly unintuitive N64 controller. It's shame, because it's such a milestone game, I was hoping it had aged more gracefully. Alas, it did not. I'm still interested in checking it out on Gamepass though when I finally get a chance.

  15. Axel Swanson says

    Don't get me wrong, I loved this game growing up, but Perfect Dark is an upgraded version of this. Also, the Perfect Dark remake on xbox DOES allow online play, unlike Goldeneye…sorry folks

  16. Climinator 1978 says

    Bring it to Planet PlayStation!

  17. Stealth Smoke says

    I just want to play the times on each difficultly! I love speed running those levels! I beat all the levels on 00Agent and got all the cheats unlocked for the great times. You don’t use the cheats, it’s the speed running that’s the funniest thing on Goldeneye 007!

  18. Vengeful8 Gaming says

    Did they fix oddjobs hit box tho? If not oddjob all day lol

  19. parkpunk2 says

    I've never understood why this game hasn't been available on other systems. Seems like someone was turning down a lot of money.

  20. Josh Harhut says

    The best shooter of Nintendo 64 returns and comes to Xbox i can't wait to see how it looks

  21. Bruh this game has more views than recent videos. 🤔on this channel. That's 😧 crazy

  22. iron worm says

    Supergeil.das wird so gesuchtet!

  23. The Nemesis 59 says

    Best news 2022…

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