GRID Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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GRID Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : September 13th 2019
© 2019 – Codemasters

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  1. Carlos Seiler says

    Vidio de la pura madre! !chaval

  2. Broly Main in Fighterz says

    So grid is just dance 2019

  3. Sorin Strat says

    I hope the game is gonna be good as the trailer

  4. PRO WARRIOR01 says

    Nice 👍

  5. Effect Phoenix says

    What's the music of teh trailer btw ??

  6. Effect Phoenix says

    0:57 When teh Corvette GT3 gets the puncture on the front left wheel, it's impossible, it's an off camber corner and left corner so it's the front right corner that takes all the G forces and all the deformation and heat, you can't really get your front left tyre blowing up like this ahah, anyway nice trailer

  7. Effect Phoenix says

    RealtimeUK, you fucking rock seriously

  8. John Vict says

    No cockpit in this trailer at all I see. It would be a big disappointment if they don’t have that included or render the interior very poorly like they did with their pass series.

  9. Tofuboi 86 says

    Great Racing In Dis game

  10. r1too says

    GRID. Underrated racing game. Codemasters is doing it (again) Should be a strong title. Lots of competition in racing games. I hope they do well.

  11. Dre4days Gaming says

    I hope the multiplayer is similar to the first one like how in racing games now player would pit maneuver you off the track or smash you( yes u can turn on no contact) but that takes away the realism and in racedriver grid if a person hits your car there is no rewind if a guy wants to get wreckless and trys to ram you and misses and smashes a wall hes out the race completely, no respond nth and I miss that type of racing cuz it made you think before you act

  12. Lakhvinder singh says

    Its gonna make searching the original grid messed up

  13. Nayrm Toubs says

    Grid 3 ?

  14. GameMoments says

    Rewind is back!?!?

  15. JustinTheSpider says

    hope its like tge 2nd game

  16. Anth e niente says

    But grid came out many age ago

  17. Shawayne Boddoo says

    And so my return to grid begins!!!

  18. Achirag Chirag says

    So that's why they were giving away GRID 2 for free on steam yesterday

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