Gridiron Champions Latest Update! When Will College Football Return?

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Gridiron Champions Latest Update! When Will College Football Return?

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1 Minute of Teambuilder Footage from Goldglover9:

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● EA SPORTS NCAA 16 Gameplay:

NCAA Football was an American football video game series developed by EA Sports in which players control and compete against current Division I FBS college teams. The series is a younger brother to the Madden NFL series.

In July 2013, the NCAA announced that it would not renew its licensing contract with Electronic Arts because of an ongoing legal dispute regarding the use of player likenesses in the games. However, this contract only covers the use of the NCAA name and related logos, not those of individual schools and conferences, which are negotiated individually or through the Collegiate Licensing Company. The CLC concurrently announced that it would extend its existing licensing deal with EA through 2017, ensuring that EA Sports could continue the series without the NCAA branding. However, the series was placed on hiatus in September 2013, following three major conferences pulling their trademark licenses from EA, and uncertainties surrounding the results of lawsuits involving the use of player likenesses in-game. However, EA Sports is still making an attempt to get the series back going.

Players’ real names and exact likenesses are not used in the game. While the Madden NFL series uses real player names and likenesses, those players are compensated for the use of their image. Due to NCAA restrictions on the amateur status of athletes, names are not allowed. Additionally, current college players cannot be used as cover athletes. Instead, each cover features a player whose college eligibility ended the season before the game’s release, wearing his former college uniform. The only two exceptions have been the Wii version of NCAA Football 09, which featured Sparty, the mascot of Michigan State University, on the cover, and NCAA Football 06 when Desmond Howard was featured on the cover striking the Heisman Trophy pose during his career at Michigan, despite not playing for Michigan for more than 15 years.

Although EA Sports does not claim that the players in the game represent real life players, the jersey number, position, height, weight, home state, and ethnicity are aligned with the real players. Fans of any particular team are sure to recognize their favorite players (for example, in NCAA Football 2014, University of North Carolina Tar Heels QB #2 would correspond to QB Bryn Renner). Actual usage of a player’s real name would be in violation of the NCAA’s policy regarding student athletes. Amateur “roster makers” will often manually associate player names and will upload a roster file to the built-in roster sharing system. As of the 09 release, EA has put in the EA Locker feature which allows remote roster sharing online through either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network depending on the console.


  1. Black Views says

    Sad that this did not work out.

  2. G P says

    What a disappointment

  3. Mr. No Shadow says

    Whatever happened to this game?

  4. Jamel King says

    Fucking sad man, scammed us 💔

  5. Gary Benson says

    2K should have bought them and released this it would hae changed the world at least college gaming world

  6. jamal woods says

    What I dont get is. If you have all these screen shots why dont you have a game.

  7. Chris Collins says

    gridiron champions was suppose to be out this year..2020..why tell everyone its gonnna be out early this year and then close off on everything no updates nothing they are off to a bad start on that ..u dont shut supports and fans out like that thats one of the worst things u can do ppl that help u with a game …if this game is gonna come out it needs to come out soon and if they already have big ants helping them and the money to do it.. why not do it?? i mean look at big ants games they are awesome!! everything is gonna be updated before this game comes out like the consoles and everything i think they should release this game on a disk that ppl can install on there game..along with those other markets they was talking about to like with psnetwork or ps store..stuff like that i wanted to pre order this game so i could get my own copy of it..but now ppl cant even do that coz they closed everything down if they really wanna have supporters for this game then they need to stop locking everything down..but to me inna way im glad i didnt get the chance to donate coz of all this bull crap i have been lied to promised things all my life and ppl have went back on those promises they have had 4 years to get this game going and like other ppl say.. if they want supporters and ppl to believe in them stop locking ppl out stop locking supporters and fans out that really want to believein there work as i said on another post is what makes sports…without the fans u have no money..even with colleges fans pay for the tickets to the schools to come watch the games thats how they make money …why pay players in college when they just go pro neway coz thats all they ever think about nemore is money ..when we gonna get players that love the game and the school and play with heart and stay longer then one year at a school and not worry about money?? i wish i could have got paid when i was a player back in my days.. hell i was go0d at it..i was a go0d basketball player that didnt get to go play for a college coz i was so poor i didnt have no way to get to the games or practices…but i did play for my high if college players or former players are gonna be paid.. then they should pay high school players also..coz thats how u get noticed is from high school then u go to either college or pros..its that simple guys..but its just stupid to pay players that go to college they are getting a education wich allows u to get a go0d job after u get out of school..and for sports players they give u scholarships to come to there college to play sports that should be enough coz some of us works our butt off just to even get a scholarship to go to school.or our favorite colleges just to even play sports ….neway enough about that stupid crap..if this new game is coming out then it needs to come out.. if not then shut up about it im tired of false hope and promises from ppl just coz they wanna make money i could make money if its that easy i could get on here and say im gonna make a awesome college basketball game and put black jesus on it…or god himself…and i can make money off that if its that easy to make money just off pictures and no game play…why tell someone u gonna releas someting in early 2020 but then u dont do it..i understand it takes time when u are just starting out and if u have never made a game ..i get all that but if u have the funding and the ppl to help u with the game.. then make the game get it out and right now to be honest about it all..with the current crisis in the world going on ..this would be the best time ever to release a great college football game they would make so much money off it they could swim in it.. i guarantee it..

  8. Connor says

    ❤️❤️❤️❤ cristiano ronaldo or lionel messi ⚽⚽⚽⚽
    1:42 🖤💚

  9. PlatinumIce says

    Is Nebraska in the game

  10. C Lionsman67 says

    This is why I still play NCAA 14

  11. My grandchildren will love playing this on release day.

  12. Chopo Fluegame says

    It will come out next month on the 4th

  13. Johnny Bravo says

    Why did part of this video show NCAA?

  14. Terrius McSwole says

    Man I just want a new good football game. Madden sucks ass!

  15. ROME says

    This game was allegedly supposed to come out so long ago. every update was "Raising money… making a quality game takes time". Last year they allegedly hired the dev team to build the game. Now it's too late bc of fair pay to play act.

  16. Sam Bruinsma says

    I heard about this game in 7th grade and was super excited. I am now a sophomore in highschool and there has been no new news since I found out about the game 3 years ago.

  17. Ali Walker says

    They made , a sport from out of rugby haha haha what fucking joke 😂

  18. DSArtorias says

    If this game dont have the actual colllege logos then this game will be shit

  19. Ed Radil says

    A new college football game…Biggest clickbait/ fake news for You Tube gaming vids. Year after year….

  20. W _ 4 C A says

    Why couldn’t EA just make NCAA games and randomly generate rosters?

  21. Kevin Miller says

    I will give you guys another update… This will never happen they haven't even signed devs to the project. It will cost millions to make more than 25 million.

  22. artrimiks says

    Them facemasks are ASS

  23. Jeff Dotson says

    They have been talkin about this game for four years and it's still not in development this is the biggest fluke!! Doug flutie's maximum football 2019 college edition is coming out next month! I feel sorry for all the people that gave money for this game it will never come out!! This dude is probably getting paid!! have you noticed every once in a while somebody will come on and say something about this game to keep it going how long does it take to create a game after talking about it! Let's keep it real the PS5 is coming out next year, so the chance of it being on the PS4 is very slim, even though it was slated for the PS4 GTF….. outta here!! For God sakes stop it

  24. Jay Mar says

    I miss NCAA man

  25. Jay Lunar says

    Bro they had FCS schools up on there

  26. B E Cannon says

    SCAM!!! Doug Flutie's Maximum Football will have 6 versions before these clowns come out with one game. This game will never happen.

  27. Kodak 1911 says


  28. Demetrius Whitehead says

    Another BCFX…….

  29. Kevin Bollinger says

    Shits better than madden and the game doesn’t even exist yet

  30. Scoot Vasquez says

    This game is never happening

  31. sp123 says

    People don’t understand how expensive and time consuming creating a video game is, especially a high quality AAA game

    . I don’t think that they are scamming peoples as much as they are way over their heads and are realizing they don’t have the ability to follow through with their promise

  32. ryan medley says

    They can go to hell with dem ugly Ass facemask

  33. Sexy Dino says

    i dont even car if its random players cause i never really knew the college players in the first place.

  34. Da Great says

    No need ncaa football is on the way

  35. Drew Harden says

    I can tell none of you know what it takes to develop a game. Bunch of spoiled EA dweebs used to a pump and dump sports game every year, which is only possible because they build upon an engine that has already been developed and used from the previous year. And they still produce poo cheese games. They're literally building from scratch, everything. This isn't a corporate giant developing this game. Yes it's going to take years to build. So quit your whining. And those wondering about getting your money back… that's laughable. That's not how investments work. Unless they used the money for things other than product development, and you can prove in a court of law that they misused your funds, then you are SOL. Welcome to the investment world

  36. Shaywhen says

    This shit probably turn out to be a mobile game 😂😂

  37. Josh Howell says


  38. supersasukemaniac says

    Ehh. Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019 comes out this September and includes a College Football Dynasty mode.

  39. Austin Lockwood says

    There are few videos that I will have strong enough feelings to actually hit the "dislike" button but this video gave off strong enough ass-kissing vibes that it was too frustrating to resist.

    The idea that these people need to secure ANOTHER $20Mil just to begin develop on the promised title is completely false and honestly insulting to the people who originally paid money to crowdfund this game. This may not be know to many backers of this specific (console gaming) title, but countless game development teams have produced full-fledged, polished titles with around $300k in a fraction of the time it has taken this developer to do literally nothing worthwhile. Campaigns that take this long to actually produce ANYTHING are considered absolute failures LONG before the three-year mark is reached.

    Going back to the apparently "important" bit. When it comes to money and funding, I honestly have no clue where they are getting these numbers, EA may spend a crazy amount on their sports titles, but they also market their products on a level that is unique to AAA gaming. Titles made by start-up companies cost a fraction of that because the need for marketing, while still crucial, is not even close to the same level. For the curious, the largest Kickstarter campaign to date belongs to a company that designed the Pebble smartwatches. That campaign raised $20mil alone and was able to produce a physical product and ship it out to its backers. IMV wouldn't even have to worry about that part considering MOST startup devs release exclusively through digital platforms anyways.

    To end this rant and summarize; IMV has no excuse for their actions so far and fans who continue to support this company are naive about what it actually takes to develop a video game. $25Mil+ is an idiotic number to ask for when there isn't even a team set up to produce the product. This company is failing on the most basic level and don't deserve the pity or respect of a community that they are conning. Finally, this video held literally no substance and the creator should strive to actually support the people watching his content instead of catering to a wack company.

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