Grounded – Full Release Announcement Trailer – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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Grounded is preparing to leave Game Preview this September as it launches its full release. Find out how the teens got into the yard and the mad scientist behind it in the fully playable campaign – all of which can be experienced alone or with a group of friends! New armor recipes, new weapon recipes, and the giant Mantis await players in this upcoming update.


  1. ★彡Gentleman 彡★ says

    Ps5 has god of war meanwhile Xbox presenting this 😂

  2. Butter says

    I get hype every time I watch this, me and my 2 friends have been waiting forever for this

  3. Butter says

    Bro, this gets me hype every time, I've been playing this ever since the pond update.

  4. Grounded mean Go to room, and Game.

  5. DEAD o OMEGA says

    The music makes me feel like I'm on an adventure

  6. luis burguete says

    Este juego tiene tanto potencial ,esperemos le den más contenido después de la actualización 1.0

  7. Gh0st says

    Cant wait for this game. Love the 90s theme🤩

  8. sadalu kalhara says


  9. Mimi says

    The best survival game i have been played in my life. im 42y old.

  10. Hovering Menacingly says

    So excited to finally dive in to this world been waiting for the full release !

  11. Arc says

    Will full release delete our data on the beta

  12. Bevin James says

    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The Video Game

  13. RaVstor says


  14. K x says

    I've found this game extremely frustrating. Sooo easy to be killed and I can't kill anything much harder than the ant guard, which makes it impossible to progress, as you need parts from the harder bugs to build better weapons and armor. I'm pretty much stuck and don't even know where to go after the hedge chip.

  15. Hans Dejan says

    I hope they add split screen.

  16. Spicy and Snek says

    Reminds me of stranger things lol

  17. Clobertina says

    Nobody gonna talk about the fact the news reporter said more kids have gone missing?

  18. Camilo Rivera says

    Reminds me of It Takes Two

  19. Christopher Mitchell says

    We just started playing last week really enjoy this game.

  20. mastokfilou says

    I'll jump on it for sure 🤩

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