GTFO: Official Cinematic Teaser Trailer

  1. zacteron says


  2. Callum Reid says

    this is sooo rewatchable

  3. Mr.Super-Crocodile says

    0:26 and here I knew this game was going to be amazing

  4. Ksmite says

    Not gonna lie I love the scream at 0:25

  5. Earl Cyrus Velasco says

    other peoples service when they send them in school:

    how my dad send me in school:

  6. J.R.U says

    What platform is this gunna be on

  7. 두디 says


  8. Mr Pug says

    Wish it was on PS4 ?

  9. Kasavan Govender says

    What in all things FPS did I just watched? It looked like something out of the first resident evil movie….only more badass

  10. Warmian 5 says

    Why does the game trailer from 2017 look so much more exiting then he current game is… why did you remove all th interesting features…

  11. Rowenn John Martinez says

    Alien Swarm FPS, but infected creatures

  12. Ruben Flores says

    Please bring this game to Xbox.

  13. zerbon 92 says

    Здесь был топлвый #zerbon92 всем привет!!!

  14. High Nourishment says

    Just put the doom guy in there and see what happen

  15. META 19991 says

    I swear if this game only comes out of pc imma sell my ps4 and Xbox one a join the Masters

  16. Haxwell Eddison says

    The alpha for this has been SO FUN! It delivers hard on so much of what it goes for. Well worth a look. Unforgiving as can be.

  17. DirtyJ says

    Aaaaaand let the memes ensue..

  18. Duc Gumball says

    The sequel would be:
    Of my room I'm playing minecraft

  19. Devil Z Wangan Midnight says

    Wait……so it’s not ps4?

  20. Warfinn says

    Scary Deep Rock Galactic

  21. Sergeant Danelarton says

    It doesn't show anything

  22. stripe801 says

    games be taking forever these days! they mentioned this & had traiLers in what Like 2015? i mean i wouLdn’t pLay this but damn where is aLLison road!? i check every few months & nothing

  23. FrankDelJobsen says

    i love it!

  24. Leoncio Bautista says

    Can someone tell me what platform this is for?

  25. Darryl Alagdon says

    G E T
    T H E
    F U C K
    O U T


  26. Orcrist says

    Is it me or does the end music sound like something from Dying Light?!

  27. harmlessratz says

    that music at the end litterly made my heart skip a few beats, cant wait for the release

  28. Rorschach's Journal says

    NO U!

  29. IRTEHBATMAN says

    Still in Alpha after all this time since the gameplay reveal?

  30. Flesh Molotov says

    Anyone can play the alpha so long as they are signed up as an ambassador on their website! Check it out and contribute to the community.

  31. Please Stand By says

    Mobile Task Force Psi 22 “Hell Jumpers” you are cleared for deployment.

  32. SiXX 2 says

    I want this gameee

  33. Wang Jason says

    looks awesome. When will it be available on Steam?

  34. CodeBlue Archives says


  35. Kong Lee says

    Didn't see crap…

  36. Morteza Fan Club says

    Play Deep Rock Galactic instead 😉

  37. bostonianful says

    alpha gameplay? on october 14th? dear lord, at this rate, the game would barely be ready by next christmas.

  38. Fluffy Waffles says

    150 dislikes because it didnt show any gameplay, bet.

  39. Kyojin_9 says

    Get the frik out

  40. StarSkull_Cyborg says

    been waiting for this game for 2 years

  41. Rapidshot says

    SCP Game?!?! BET

  42. Castle Clash says

    I hope it gets brought to consoles at some point.

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