Hades – Xbox & PlayStation Trailer

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Our Game of the Year-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on August 13, 2021! Hades will also be joining Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and Windows 10 on this date!

Physical: https://supergiant.games/hadesphysical
PlayStation: http://supergiant.games/hadesps
Xbox: http://supergiant.games/hadesxbox


  1. Foshun says

    Can you port this game to mobile?

  2. Danknightk says

    this game just screams quality you did a fantastic job

  3. Shitposter Madura says

    Imagine this game release on mobile

  4. Tiago Carapeto says

    Never played this game.
    Time to regret it.

  5. Tuntsns Fan says

    Will this game be available on Charon’s wares?

  6. Who’s Sellin’ says

    Who is the guy with the eyepatch

  7. Rodrigo Ramos says

    Please, launch an Steelbook version of Hades!

  8. Daniel Solé Pérez says

    Been playing this all day and am completely absorbed. A true masterpiece. Also, thanks for making this Xbox Play Anywhere compatible. I hope you can also release the rest of your games on this platform. Many thanks.

  9. matt manley says

    So hyped

  10. bechmich says

    Such an amazing game, started playing yesterday at 5pm, had to finish at 10pm to get some sleep before work. Now i have to go to work but all im thinking is to do another run. Working today is going to ba a pain. You did it again Supergiant Games. I tip my hat to you.

  11. Finally, Hades! 🔥

  12. Boog_da_BeatSmyth says

    Download it this morning can’t wait to get off work 💯🔥🔥🔥💪🏾

  13. Normal roblox player says

    The very god

  14. Theobserver m says

    XBOX SERIES X/S Gamepass 😍😘💚💚💚

  15. Andrew Farley says

    Def get it on playstation, fucking xbox lies about the date on gamepass, xbox dweebs

  16. Gandolfito77 says

    GamePass 🍻

  17. Andrew Huerta says


  18. Anthony Montes says

    FINALLY I can’t wait to play this

  19. Ronald Lalisan says

    Epic Game. Hopefully we get another game like this in the future.

  20. Ionut Vlas says

    Diablo much?🤔

  21. CriStyled says

    For every console player: this game is a masterpiece, if you like roguelike games this is a perfect choice for an epic Christmas gift, trust me this game is so fucking cool, even if it's my first roguelike game i enjoy it so much.

  22. Peyton Wiseman says

    Can’t fucking wait

  23. reino geek says

    Seriously than Hadis gone to coming tô ps4 13 of August

  24. Joshrealms says

    Played this on switch and loved every second of it. Just pre ordered it for the ps5 to support the awesome supergiant crew!

  25. Svveets Tvveets says

    Any chance it’s coming to mobile?

  26. Inky zoid says

    Waiting for the xbox release… So I keep on listening to the Hades OST over and over again. (It's so good!)

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