Hatchback – Trailer

  1. gotohell says

    Was the car was worth more then the film budget

  2. Shortythepresident says

    I loved this film until the foolish ending. It never should have ended that way. The film ends in a way that hopefully there would be a sequel where Whyatt now is in search for Fern to get back together. But if there's not gonna be a sequel, then the ending is stupidly written. They should have parted ways temporarily then found each other and fell in love again. And Simon should have never been killed off either. They should have made a different twist on Simon when they found him. The screenplay was not written well.

  3. Dylan says

    It was really good for someone who likes dumb humor and wants a good love story

  4. gor 888 says

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  5. Th3FatKat says

    Honestly, this movie was hard to watch until the end.
    The story has this dumb twist that makes no sense. Most likely the people who made it could tell how boring their movie little student film was, so they added it in hopes that it would make the movie more interesting.
    The acting was so bad it could be compared to a 10th-grade theatre class production. The actors couldn't have been any duller in most of the scenes, almost like they were just reading straight from the on-paper script.
    This film, if you can even call it that, would have been better if it had never seen the light of day.

  6. Harry Callahan says

    I'm now lactating soy after watching this trailer.

  7. T says


  8. kenny omega says


  9. draussie says

    SJW heaven in a hatch back

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