Heartbreak High | Official Trailer | Netflix

Heartbreak High is a high-octane ride into the minds and lives of a group of Australian teenagers. The discovery of a secret map that charts all the hook-ups in the school year makes its architect, AMERIE (16, rebel, loudmouth – THE HEART), an instant pariah. In an effort to set the hypersexual students straight, the school forces them into a Sexual Literacy Program. With her new friends, outsiders, QUINNI (neuro-divergent truth bomb – THE BRAINS) and DARREN (ambitious, super-dooper gay – THE CLITORIS), Amerie must repair her reputation, whilst navigating love, sex, and heartbreak.


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Heartbreak High | Official Trailer | Netflix

An incendiary mural exposes everyone’s secret hook-ups at Hartley High. Its author, Amerie, has to grapple with the messy fallouts as a total outcast.


  1. Lachlan W says

    Just finished Heartbreak High. Please go watch this show. It is really worth you time, in particular for any member of Gen z and those who crave authentic representation. As well as finally a realistic and well written portrayal of an Autistic and Neurodivergent individual through main character Quinni, a true standout played by Chloe Hayden. Also as an Australian it just makes me so happy that we got a tv show from Netflix as good as this. Please watch it!

  2. Sunny says

    I really enjoyed this show

  3. Hola tío Netflix. Estoy viendo esta serie doblada al español de Latinoamérica con uno de mis primos. Hay muchas partes en los diálogos en los que no hay audio, no se escucha el doblaje.

  4. James Official says

    *Amerie got treated soo bad in this season like tf 😐😐*

  5. Pierre Marcellesi says

    Just sex in every scene, every dialogue… Even teachers are pathologically obsessed with it. Where are the real ones (English, History, Science) ? Every character is bisexual, woke, and we even get groupsex in the fourth episode… Youth as the fifty-year-old people fantasize it. Heartbreak High became American Pie, in worst ! Many french wiewers like me are disgusted. And what's their problem with cops ??
    I'm still watching just for Rivers (the real one) and for Chaka, hoping they will cross each other. But yeah, Netflix spoilt the original show, it's undeniable…

  6. cedrickyle2 says

    this show is really good .. i need a season 2 asap

  7. Sudip Poddar says

    U should concentrate on Sandman series dumb bitch….stop making this shits as u already have sex education


    How about instead you don't cancel fan favs

  9. Smile o says

    I hated everyone except amerie, Marcus, cash, and Quinni. Amerie deserved better.

  10. Mia W says

    Is this supposed to be like a sequel to the original Heartbreak High series (1994-1999)?

  11. Sam Love says

    What is this for sex education meets mean girls meets the breakfastclub 🤔🙃

  12. diversity says

    Resembles tapsee pannu

  13. Kezia says

    AMAZINGGGGGGGG 1000000/10

  14. ailina63 says

    The 90s original was way better. This is not Heartbreak High. Give it another name.

  15. C K says

    this was hard to watch. harper is unbearable

  16. わからないAnge says

    EU AMEI ESSA SÉRIE, é maravilhosa, eu gosto de como a protagonista sofre as consequências reais dos seus atos, você consegue sentir a vergonha dela pela tela, É INCRÍVEL OK ❣❣❣❣❣

  17. Sadik says

    The series is boring i quite after 10 min of 1st episode

  18. Sue Icide says

    The black representation in this show is not good. You can barely tell Missy and Malakai are black. They have one darkskin character who is a minor character in the show. The rest of the “black” characters they have are light skin.

  19. Caitlin Goldfinch says

    So just another reboot? Can we please start making original story’s

  20. Samiul Tamim says

    So…. it's a British lovechild of sex education and never have I ever, innit?

    Get creative, Netflix.

  21. Ashleigh Keller says

    100% recommend! Loved the diversity, representation and unique stories for each character. As an Australian I also loved seeing an Australian show not just built on stereotypes. The cast was phenomenal too!

  22. TylerKbe says

    After binging this show, I was invested. So thankfully the main character does not give a self-acceptance speech at prom, Harper's (punk girl) backstory was quite dark, the last episode's ending was also unexpected

  23. butcher bane says

    Everyone in this show is gross. Each close up makes you wanna puke

  24. ALEXAe says

    Nah one more of these I’m ending my membership 😨

  25. IPcaper YT says

    Ambre is so baddd😍😍

  26. S. says

    This trailer SUCKS! The show is really cool.

  27. Ayush Thakre says


  28. MayMayboris says

    this looks like a wanabe euphoria

  29. henry says

    Y'all… watch this. It's actually not as bad as it looks LOL and the soundtrack is fire.

  30. Dani Nem says

    This trailer gives no justice to the series. Gosh it was SO ENTERTAINING! Watch this now, it actually surprises u a lot ;))

  31. Blue says

    This show is Funnier than sex education

  32. Sand Lee says

    Une insulte à la série originale
    Votre navet est à vomir, scénario vide de sens, si cela existait ca s'appellerai un p*rn pour ado, ecoeurant !!!
    Rendez nous notre série initiale, aux chiottes votre mélasse indigeste !!!
    Abstenez vous au lieu de détruire des classics !!!

  33. BK says

    Oha!!! This show was everything else I expected. Beautiful, shocking, highly recommended!

  34. just two guys says

    Sooooo the only black character is gay?

  35. Wambui Mwangi says

    Honestly…this trailer is shit…the series itself is amazing and touches on some sensitive issues…GIVE THE SERIES A CHANCEEE😹😹😹🤟

  36. risi pieces says

    let’s go chloe hayden!!

  37. findingyuri says

    I just watched this series in one day and it was amazing!!! Can't wait for season 2!!!!!

  38. 月読 says

    I have wachted it all and am I the only one who noticed that all of them use Samsung S21 in the colour purple (most of them)? Are they like sponsored by Samsung or is Australia just dominated by Samsung?

  39. Jonessa Etienne says

    This show is a mixture of so many other shows that are already out there, doesn't feel very original or has a unique aspect of it

  40. FirelordMomo says

    this feels like a very american version of an aussie secondary school lol

  41. Harry Hardy says

    aussie shows>>>>

  42. divnv 07 says

    They look like a rejected students around the world gathered and studies under one roof.

  43. 𝒞 says


  44. Matt Ward says

    Australian Highschools look nothing like this though… youve basically taken Australian actors and thrown them into a American highschool setting.

  45. jada mercedes thompson. says

    So excited to see Chloe!

  46. Ama Hot Juice says

    Harper s part alone really makes mhe laugh😂💖😸

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