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Get The Alpha – https://HelloNeighbor2.com

Wishlist On Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1321680/

Welcome back to Raven Brooks in #HelloNeighbor2 – and yes, #HelloGuest was indeed the prototype for the exciting sequel to the original #HelloNeighbor. You play as Quinten, a local journalist that’s investigating a series of bizarre missing persons reports. A series of clues leads him to find the original house of the Neighbor (Mr. Petterson) occupied by a mysterious, crow-like being. The Neighbor is missing. The being is hiding something in the attic. Only logical thing to do is break in. You have been missed in #RavenBrooks!


  1. Henry Stickmin says

    1:38 (to) 2:20
    My pov when trying to sneak out of the house to have a party with my friends but my parents have 300 cameras around the house

    Also I have no idea what i’m trying to say

  2. Смарт Магазин says

    Link mobile play Gameplay

  3. ProGaming_Plays says

    Playable on xbox, PC, PS5, PS4

  4. Mario 64 says

    the crow spends more time in the trailer than in the final version of the game

  5. Ashton Hetrick says

    Man the guest is kinda creepy and cool at the same time

  6. ATM says

    What happened to the bird dude? Where is he in the game now?

  7. Killerrick964 says

    Why where the feature in this beta so much better than the game we got? Hiding behind curtains, using the cameras tv in the closet. The animations. Where did all the work go because it didn't end up in HN2

  8. мегастар says

    смотрю этот трейлер сейчас и понимаю,насколько же я был поражён,увидев его два года назад
    бля,посмотрите на действия,происходящие в этом трейлере,на эту графику,которая уже очень похожа на хоррор,ведь в первой части она хоть была ультра красивой,но мультяшной
    и сейчас вы разрушили все ожидания и интересы игроков к этой второй части.я считаю,что вам следует удалить эту первую главу,которая вышла недавно,и переделать её.

  9. _ScreaM_ says

    This prototype trailer is so much better than the original game

  10. Contentinos says

    This man looks like Josef Fritzl!

  11. Devil says

    То чувство, когда смотришь этот трейлер и понимаешь что нас всех наебали(

  12. Just Boris says

    That could be the Best variation of Hello Neighbor 2, but devs have done even worse.

  13. vampirehunter_2009 says

    Is it only newgen konsols

  14. macera oyun says

    please hello neğibor 2 android

  15. Hawetty AspeZ says

    what shaders

  16. Gabeysponge says

    Can't wait for full release

  17. GamerGod says

    But the graphics a the the game and the trailer are diffrent

  18. Alli Saber says


  19. Hayrunnisa KORKMAZ says

    Hello neigbor 2 Alpha 1

  20. JamesTube says

    (To Tiny build) could you put hello neighbour 2 alpha 1 on mobile? PLS? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  21. suhan vav says

    Plis Android me loucha karo

  22. Yalçın Efe Demir says


  23. Parmshivraj sidhu says

    You can release on ios

  24. Ray_plays says

    Wow nice what if hello neighbor 2 was in ios and android

  25. random guy ksjehddjdkks says


  26. Bendy says

    it would be interesting for you to bring without hello neighbor 2 on iOS'Android

  27. Ricardo Diaz says


  28. Nick Ok says

    at 2:23 the mr Peterson ripped the it’s head off

  29. ALIS BRO says

    i have xbox one 🥺🥺😔

  30. Pumk1ing1 says

    Is it all gonna be on older Xbox’s? Or just the new generation, I am a huge fan of all hello neighbour themed games/videos/merchandise and would be so sad if it isn’t on older consoles (Xbox one series)

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