HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 Trailer Xbox Series X (2021) HD

  1. Chicago Made says

    When is it coming to Series X

  2. ꜰᴀᴋᴇ ツ says

    wow the fps is beautiful

  3. Yander Player says

    It gives me chills

  4. Daniel Oliveira says




  6. Madison Hensley says

    This is way better and harder then the first hello neighbor.

  7. Cameragirl the massive nerd says

    Ok-from what i can tell, the bird creature ISN'T Mr. Peterson-so what the heck IS it!? And why is Mr. Peterson burning what appears to be a mask or hood of the same thing?

  8. #JOKAGAMER2021 says


  9. Gacha Galaxy says

    I love how the trailer looks

  10. Agustín martinez says

    Ps4? Si algien sabe español este juego estará en ps4 o en el ps5

  11. Santiago Arias says

    Me regalan hello neigbor 2 alpha 1

  12. Lucas Gomes de Souza says

    Vai ficar incrivel , os graficos , trilha sonora . Porém eu não sei de quem foi a ideia de colocar um homem corvo no lugar do vizinho

  13. Anibal Salva says

    The music sound like a puppet combo game

  14. Демидов Павел says

    Remember kids. Intruding is a crime and you can be shot if you try this irl.

  15. Ram Raider says

    Game theory is going to have a ball with this one

  16. toxic kate main says

    That thing looks like a budget demigorgon

  17. SUPERIOR meh says

    Wait….so they actually finished this 1st one?

  18. Savoria Morisson says

    Wait. I thought the neighbor was dead in hello neighbor alpha 4

  19. Sora9199 says

    It looks like the Neighbor might have a confrontational relationship with those beaked creatures. I can almost hear the theories being made.

  20. Michał Matuszewski says

    Neighbor Goes "simming"

    Everyone: How the turn tables

  21. TheActualTruth says

    When he hopped out the window after you I screamed. The original hello neighbor had so much potential, and the concept is very original and still has so much potential to be fleshed out. The first game started to get to0 abstract in it's gameplay, and there wasn't really a solid cohesive story to it, so it fell apart. Hopefully with this one they get a solid story down, a great main antagonist, and levels that somewhat make sense.

  22. Mr. snacks 262 says

    Who is Birdman

  23. Daydreamer 20 says

    Is it Xbox series x exclusive

  24. PRO jamil says

    Will it be on playstiaon4 like hello neighbour1

  25. Team Todd says

    the crow is the neighbor don't believe me pause the video at 1:29 and Notice the GLOVES

  26. Danizuela says

    Guys, this is actually the trailer for akt1…

  27. Little Devil Matt says

    I feel like the crow is a player
    Don’t u he walks like a player
    He throws stuff like a player

  28. Dorgas Manolo says

    Voce disse em pipoca

  29. AmmarHafiy Animation YT says

    This game like I love that neighbor his like "psssp quiet" that picture and this start from 2021 this is E and H too

  30. A liar says

    S I M M I N G

  31. Mcdannt Gaming says

    Bro are you kidding me I have a PS4 and switch but they put it on the gaybox just stupid

  32. alex max says

    lol its so interesting and kept me on my toes the whole time. definitely going to pick this up

  33. Little Devil Matt says

    I think the neighbor is the crow

  34. Brandon Van den Heever says

    Its out now

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