How To Get Any Game Console for Cheap! 2019

  1. Tech Savvy Buyer says

    Sorry guys YouTube is still processing the video into 4K

  2. James Morris says

    Meth. I got a PS4 for $40

  3. DragonSlicer says

    oh you live in ohio too

  4. dildic says

    Its eBay system

  5. Majin Prince // MJP says

    If you don't want the wii u I would love to have one.

  6. IEBIGCAT says

    For resellers and collectors this is a great site to buy things low, 1 thing he didn’t mention was buying game lots, I have purchased 6 or more game lots and sold doubles etc to help pay back some or all of the purchase you can find ps1 2 psp and wii bundles with near or over 100 titles for cheap and yes b3 careful and read as much info as you can get about your items (shop not just video games also check other listings if interested)

  7. IEBIGCAT says

    It’s a good website I’ve been using it for months to buy a fat PS3’s re-solder them and re-fix them and resell them but be careful everyone for the shipping and handling cost can bump it up quite a bit you can buy something for five dollars and end up paying $50 for it because of shipping and handling boom

  8. ICEBOXdaGREAT says

    Let go app is better. Also try just walking into thrift stores. I picked up a Nintendo ds lite for $15.

  9. I don't know says

    I tried this (I live in Europe) and the site keeps giving me a connection error, is this because I live in the EU?

  10. thegamerguy2014 says

    Fuck goodwill they take shit for free and sell it most of the time for eBay prices or higher. Profit is one thing but selling something for above what it sells for when it was a donation is greedy. I would rather pay eBay or Gamestop for a vita.

  11. Nick Goreski says

    Take the video down! =)

  12. Ljg Louis says

    I was going to bid on a lot of dual shocks 32 of then

  13. Nicu Girbu says

    Now the site isn't working

  14. Adam says

    I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!!!!!! ??? I already shop at this site. Thanks for telling more people ? It's too late already everyone knows this site now.

  15. Lucas Bender says

    Cool I live in Ohio too

  16. playdle says

    The legend of zelda only came in a gold cart…not rare at all lmao

  17. x Burkez says

    3500th sub

  18. Or says

    Sounds like syndicate and tmartn

  19. killer sav says

    Your videos are awesome

  20. Mr. Science Nerd says

    Found a better sight. Saw a PS4 pro Spiderman edition 1tb for $82

  21. East DallasKick's says

    Yep I’ve seen iPhones on there before

  22. Keithtro says

    Dude tbh I been wanting a vita for a little bit Bc I miss using mine hopefully I could find one

  23. Dog With Stache says

    goddammit telling everyone 🙁

  24. Android Dude Thingy says

    doesn't work on Asia tho tried the site

  25. XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX says

    Best thing to show in my recommendations …ty

  26. Andre' Hawkins says

    Time for some flipping lol

  27. Zetsuron I. says

    i cannot access the website i live in Europe

  28. Chad Thundercock says

    Buy it from China

  29. moyu fern says

    99gamers anyone?

  30. Oniichan Yamete says

    Actual video starts at 2:26

  31. LoneLion says

    Thank you!

  32. Respawn Entertainment says

    Can I get a oculus quest All in one VR headset cheap on this website when the headset comes out on May 21st? It’s being marketed as a gaming device.

  33. Black Shadow says


  34. scythe says

    This doesn't work in the uk

  35. IamAahron says

    I got 1 wiis and 2 gamecubes for 80 bucks at shopgoodwill including shopping. And they work!

  36. Diego Rodríguez says

    1:30 Xbox TWO prototype

  37. Boomer Kuwanger says

    At least from my experience getting a PS2 and trying to get another computer from shopgoodwill, I'd disagree about the not being too competitive. Especially on computers, there's frequently a bidding war within the last day or even couple hours. Shipping, also, as you note can vary–from $10 to $60+ on a computer–and it's not even strictly the weight or distance, as a lot of PCs all have the same stated weight and prices just seem to vary more by actual store, not region.

    Still, if you're willing to wait weeks tracking a lot of auctions and carefully reading each disclaimer and are very careful of never overbidding, it can be a great place to get items.

  38. Franklyn Johnson says

    Love the vinyl on the PS4 slim, can you refer a link to purchase one please?

  39. SegaDisneyUniverse says

    Pretty neat tricks! But I'm more of a 'Buy it now' type of person. And never bid on E-bay, it's a broken mess of bidding trolls and bots.?

  40. RacineCity says

    I just sold my gold cartridge of zelda to gamestop for $76

  41. Hank Henshaw says

    A wise man once said "we built this city on rock and roll" places a nickel on counter

  42. MrMain65 says

    They are too expensive been there done that

  43. Jose Torres says

    Well, there go my cheap prices

  44. RedCrono says

    I still have my vita like 7 years ago

  45. Captain Ron says

    thanks for the info dude appreciate it

  46. Matthias Averitt says

    Watching the video in 2x speed isn't fast enough.

  47. Daniel Lehuta says

    I go to Salvation Army and goodwill for cheap game systems that still work

  48. Jose Arreguin says

    "not alot of people know about this"…. 11,312 views later

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