How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy Tribute – Epic Retrospective Animation (NEW 2019) HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

A tribute to the How To Train Your Dragon Film saga, an Animation Movie starring Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler with Jay Baruchel.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World completes the popular How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. The How to Train Your Dragon saga has become one of the most critically acclaimed animated series of all time, thanks to its rich stories and stunning animation.

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  1. ruben villa says

    Chimuelo nazis te para el amor ?con furia luminosa y con tus hijitos

  2. Karine Izidio says


  3. Coryu le fan d'aldériate says










































  4. _-* x 0 z n *-_ says

    Glad i grew up with this <3

  5. k y l e says

    I have never watched one of these, what makes y'all think i should watch the trilogy?

  6. jorge cameras lopez1 says

    .El ajolate México. :/

  7. ruben villa says

    Cuando vi las películas cambiaron mi vida para sienpre???

  8. sonic trank says

    So i guess this is the end for how to train your dragon (No author move for this)

  9. Melissa H says

    this made me cr????????

  10. Gacha Time says

    i was laughing so hard…..look at their face??

  11. Muhammet Ali Yavuz says


    ben türküm?

  12. Danny P says

    Really need another httyd

  13. Ecl1pse1x says

    Httyd 1:fighting dragons
    Httyd 2: fighting with Dragons

    Httyd 3: fighting for dragons?

  14. Sarah Jebram says

    I'm just falling in love with this dragon???

  15. dharm brar says

    ?????I miss them

  16. sk education official says

    Lovely beby dragon

  17. m israr says

    oooooooooooh i love this movie

  18. DÍRE WOĹF says

    He looks like jamie lennister

  19. Rainbow color gabby girl says

    The love all the how to train your dragons

  20. Rainbow color gabby girl says

    I love how to train your dragon

  21. ASH WIN9000 says

    This is sniff sniff amazing
    I wish there's a 4th but nope
    I enjoyed every single moment in this series you'll never be forgotten

  22. Shadow River says

    My favourite series ever….

  23. Afera K says

    This is one of the most beautiful movie trilogies…???

  24. Yvonne Burns says

    "when I was a boy there were dragons" those are words I thought we'd never ever hear in the past tense ???

  25. Ueslia Rocha says


  26. Haidar Rafid says

    I hope there's a sequel, I like this movie

  27. -OMG- says

    Hiccup and toothless like magnet and metal toothless is the magnet and hiccup was the metal

  28. Candace Cassidy says

    I wished their were friendly dragons like that. Even if the person is on medication prescribed by a Doctor. But thanks to Hiccup and his mother all the Vikings found out for themselves that Dragons aren't as bad as they thought they were. I really wish in real life that Dragons were that friendly to everyone in the U.S.A.

  29. Tylo Videos says

    I will always have a place for this series in my heart


  30. Jeanne Ongla says

    Oh shit ! I'm crying…

  31. Juliana9 Sanchez says


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