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This week we announce a HUGE Xbox Game Pass Update for PC! We’ve also got the latest Xbox launches, including the highly anticipated Void Bastards and Outer Wilds, plus a look at all the Xbox Game Pass launches from May, like Dead by Daylight, For the King, and many more.

But we’re not done with new games for you to play! We’ve got your June Games with Gold from Xbox, including Portal: Still Alive and EA SPORTS NHL 19.

We also take a quick look at PixARK, fresh out of Game Preview. And to wrap it up, we’re giving away a FREE Minecraft pack. We’ll tell you how in the video.

Welcome to This Week on Xbox, your weekly source of all things Xbox. We’ll cover the latest launches, give you exclusive interviews, let you know about upcoming sales, and keep you up to speed on the newest trailers. All that and more on This Week on Xbox. Content availability may vary by region.

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  1. Azooz Aljaberi says

    Why Buy xbox live gold for free games? It's free?????

  2. JaviNatioN says

    Xbox, pls get Pixark to Game Pass

  3. Enrique Hernandez Rodriguez says

    wow wnat

  4. Israel Rangel says

    It not same with major nelson ?

  5. Regina Menezes says

    Game Pass=?

    Live Gold=?

  6. Jaylen Branch says

    What are the songs

  7. DREVM says

    Nothing huge about this. And those games aren’t highly anticipated.

  8. Eryk says

    I would like to see conker live and reloaded on xbox live gold or Xbox game pass or brand New with conker

  9. Aerow Dude says

    How do you get the Minecraft pack

  10. Zack Rosser says

    Later Larry and Jeff i miss you guys

  11. Zack Rosser says

    Make it Free

  12. Zack Rosser says

    make NFL street backwards compatible

  13. sam torres says

    For the King. Never have so few done so much for so many.

  14. GSHYNE87 says

    Gotta love xbox game pass ??

  15. method says

    "Its not an extension of the xbox gamepass it's a whole nother service"
    This means we have to pay 40 dollars instead of 20 dollars

  16. Florent Osmani says


  17. Jordzyi1 says

    Not good enough Xbox

  18. Johnathan Green says

    Def Jam icon

  19. TJ Matthews says

    Another great video , keep up the good work , I think they should let more female employees do the this week on Xbox every now and then to spice things up

  20. Cameron Chenette says

    Of course right after I buy nhl 19

  21. stealth slof says

    I'm still waiting on the sabouter..gta but in world war 2…..dam I loved that game.BACK COMPATABLE…..please???

  22. Zack Rosser says

    i Love Xbox

  23. Zack Rosser says

    Please make Skate 1 & NFL Tour backwards compatible

  24. Zack Rosser says

    Please make Burnout 3 TakeDown backwards compatible

  25. Jago Gaming & Entertainment says

    This episode wasn't good.

  26. Billy Gil Music says

    Microsoft please port the Rare Collection to PC PLEASEEE

  27. WhyThoVR says

    Game pass for pc will have master chief collection

    Calling it rn

  28. Wesley C says

    Later larry and later Jeff, I always miss you guys.

  29. nistel SE says

    more bc games on game pass.

  30. Dillon Craig says

    Make army of two the 40th day plz

  31. Joseph Harrington says

    Make mk9 backwards comparable

  32. dale3 e says

    What's up with the freak show?

  33. anderson silvaneto says

    Lixo 4x

  34. joey kill says

    Could someone plz give me gamepass

  35. Tatai Tibor says

    Game pass on PC. Yess!

  36. - - says

    V O I D B A S T A R D S

  37. Eric Owens says

    you are funny

  38. Sasukefanboy says

    Can you bribg MediEvil Remake to Xbox please??? Would be great!

  39. magnumninja says

    all from the windows store nobody ever has used.

  40. Josh Wieand says

    PC GAME PASS!!!!!

  41. junglefury45 says

    We want Dust: An Elysian Tail

  42. Ivxy says

    The orange box: am I a joke to you?

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