Hunt: Showdown – Game Preview Launch Trailer

  1. EVIL PICKLE says

    Wow! This game actully looks promising!

  2. BRICKPiECE says

    Yeah! Yeah!!!

  3. Froptic Gaming says

    Apsalutely broken on Xbox

  4. TheNanoX says

    Name song?

  5. Happy Madness says


  6. Sparta Batallion says

    Witcher 3 with guns.

  7. ShawnyBGood says

    Call of Duty: Red Dead of Us

  8. johnson pgt says

    Will this one has balance matchmaking?

  9. Truth says


  10. snk v says

    God game

  11. retrostansolo says

    It's got that Darkwatch look to it and reminds me of it.

  12. Eli Benji says

    Weird kinda interesting..

  13. Jacob Grammer says

    Ok xbox this game looks amazing

  14. CAPCOM784 says

    Looking good!?

  15. Bobby G says

    Hi xbox, can you bring back whacked?

  16. D says

    I couldn't play this at all. Was broken from the main menu.

  17. OWL says

    I just hope I wont get bored quickly.

  18. 1989pulsar says

    Meh. I used to be so hyped up for games that ran on the CryEngine. Not so much these days. After looking at this trailer. Looks like "not so much" will continue.

  19. Vladimir G. says

    Crossplay with PC !!! Give me

  20. SurDrums says


  21. Jesse-san says

    It's awesome they're bring this to xbox but I don't remember this game actually going anywhere, kind of just died off

  22. virgen virgen says

    XBOX exclusive???

  23. Mowza says

    Hopefully the preview works. The beta was completely broken and unplayable on xbox

  24. Papa Pootis says


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