Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Zelda unites a group of brave warriors to stand against Calamity Ganon. Meanwhile, with the fate of Hyrule at stake, she struggles to awaken her own powers.

Experience a new story set 100 years before the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity launches on November 20.


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  1. Unknown User says

    Music at 0:26?

  2. RussianBot says

    imo the story in this game was great until they brought back the people from the future and the champions didn’t die… the end was such a disappointment for me. Here’s hoping botw 2 will be a good sequel cuz I’m not sure I can even call this one a prequel.

  3. Jiya Nanner says

    My favourite part of this trailer isn't the Divine Beast parts like with other Age of Calamity trailers, but 0:33

  4. Muhammad Yusuf Nurhadi says

    don't know why i expected hearing dynasty warrior's opening theme while link musou'ed those bokoblins

  5. Smithschannel says

    Yaaaaaa!! It’s rewind time!

  6. Stephen Grech says


  7. D m says

    False advertizing

  8. Ben Everett says

    Everyone: Can’t believe we are going to see them die

    Terrako: How about no

  9. D m says

    We could've got wwhd and tphd instead of this trash

  10. D m says

    False advertising

  11. Lil'Fox The Hylian says


  12. McCarthy Family says

    link said bye boiiiiiiiii YEET and that how he wins

  13. McCarthy Family says

    link wins and calamity ganon loses because he sucks

  14. McCarthy Family says

    i from the future

  15. James Ashton says

    Can somebody please explain to me the timeline? I am so confused right now.

  16. Caleb Ludwig says

    Imagine if they made a new mode called villains mode and we had to play as the blight Ganons and kill the champions💀

  17. Hello Digital world says

    Zelda voice hurts

  18. Leif Julian says

    What’s up bro

  19. T Henderson says

    I think this new game is taking about the past and maybe the future because if you look at the valid further there is a guy holding A mirror showing you the future I think . What do you think

  20. CodPlayz says

    Is the game worth buying?

  21. PickleGod says

    ok so, they pulled a disney on us and gave us the happy ending. i hate it but i love it

  22. Link says


  23. Meowliate says

    everyone in this comment section:
    same ending
    everyone when finish game:

  24. Ben Fetchak says

    When BOTW 2 comes out it would be so great of a game that everyone will forget about this game and will realize that this game isn’t canon that is my profiticy This is going to happen soon

  25. Nope says

    This actually looks really good and I’ve never played games like this before

  26. C La says

    Zelda has the voice of an old woman. Lucky that Link is mute.

  27. Phillip Kunze says

    You cant just slip in an Ocorina at the end and think we wont catch it

  28. flat_foot says

    I was expecting a sequel

  29. Gabe Stull says

    Child Prince Sidon be like: “Sissy’s gonna beat Ganon!”
    Ganon be like NOPE!

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