I Am Groot | Official Trailer | Disney+

A hero of few words returns.

I Am Groot, a collection of five Original shorts, starts streaming August 10 on Disney+.

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  1. Farheen Khan says

    Tomorrow I am groot

  2. DJ Lazer says

    This is just a masterpiece!

  3. Kishore Kammara says

    Iam Groot= An Emotion , Encouragement and all 😍😍

  4. This is where the fun begins says

    When Groot said "It's Grootin' time" a fell into tears, what an emotional scene with amazing script writing! Keep up the hard work!

  5. Alex DuRain says

    K… thx for the confirmation Disney, I’ll indeed move on to greener pastures.

  6. John Hallahan says

    Says more than biden

  7. Dhruv Nair says

    I can't WAIT!

  8. thatoneweirdo says

    I hope the show is better than the trailer.

  9. youngdaqe says

    looks dissapointing

  10. Jupiter says

    Doesn’t feel like marvel, oh wait, marvel is owned by disney, how could I forget!

    (I wish it wasn’t)

  11. Rn Rabby says

    I love groot😍😍

  12. soumyaranjan says

    2 days to go !

  13. mamui says

    I Am Groot

  14. Sachin Nayak says

    Groot made stombreaker that's lovely moment… Grooty🥰

  15. Thatowlhousefan69 says

    My favorite part was when he said I am Groot

  16. NS says

    Groot…. love from india❤️

  17. NS says

    Oscar wining dialogue ❤️

  18. Allison Tucker says

    His leaf fart is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😍😍

  19. Dre Hicks says

    I am Groot….
    Enjoy my wood!! 🪵

  20. clutch AR5 says

    Copy this video

  21. zeki caner says

    Best moment 00:38

  22. abbsnn cose says

    For one of the most beloved characters in the mcu, it amazes me he gets only 5 shorts on Disney plus.

  23. Ijaz Mazari says

    I'm Groot😉

  24. Sheeba Noreen says

    Sometimes, I think marvel should select Ghost Rider in Avengers.

  25. Kenan Diribey says

    it'll say I am big

  26. Kenan Diribey says

    translate I am groot

  27. Reality Star says

    Well in this series he should say
    'I am God'.

  28. Zippy Gaming says

    Great gob creators u deserve a salary bonus for this year

  29. V Balaji Palaneeswaran says

    I am Groot is going to be better than other series

  30. DarkBlack Motion says

    The boy with little words❤💯

  31. James the Carnivine says

    did Groot just fart out a leaf XD

  32. Alpha Boy says

    I am GROOT 😤

  33. AnChoiVungTau says

    sub plz :v

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