Ice Age Scrat's Nutty Adventure – Gameplay Trailer | Official Xbox Game (2019)

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Scrat has lost his prized acorn, and only the legendary Crystal Nuts can unlock it! Battle fierce creatures, survive comical calamities, and explore the Ice Age universe. It’s one nutty adventure! 🌰🐿️

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  1. XboxViewTV says

    See more official video game trailer here:

  2. Shawbag 11 says

    hmm this jsut came out of nowhere wasnt the last film like 5 years ago this is soo random i mean i actuly liked the 2nd game but for this to be annonced to come out the same year as death stranding ? like come on i really dont think there is a market for this anymore

  3. (sic)Lunatic says


  4. TheDopenutz says

    Finally something exciting

  5. Arjun Dhugga says

    Wow what a throwback, when was the last time saw something Ice Age related

  6. El Rincón says

    Great trailer 😉

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