I'm Going In!! (When Idiots Play Games #114)

play video games

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  1. Ele .Zer069 says

    I SWEAR TO GOD THOSE FUCKING BIKES HAVE MOTHER FUCKING AI OR USER FROM THE GM I Mean Come On I Seen 100 Of Those Mother Fuckers Run Over People That Aren't In Their Path & From Out Of Nowhere They Suddenly Decide to SCREW THEM OVER JUST CAUSE!!!!!!

  2. Ele .Zer069 says

    0:50 LOL!!!!!!!
    I Haven't Seen That Joke in a Long Time!

  3. SeeU Hikari says

    5:18 x)

  4. Hunterák says

    console players are truly trash

  5. Michael Rogers says

    Dude said retreat. Buddy I don’t retreat I tactically widthraw

  6. please see and share this video with your friends as much as you can https://youtu.be/5fG_4QDvCaw Iam sure you'll surprise after seeing this video 😉😎😈

  7. bulldog 1990 says

    4:09 into concrete 😂🤣

  8. Metallicajunky says

    I miss Blackout

  9. WhiteBoy404 says

    This is one of the best videos you've ever posted.
    I struggled to breathe

  10. Vlad7 says

    6:38 has to be my favorite…

  11. Ghost Flames says

    Some of these clips of people aren’t even idiots

  12. Dymon32 says

    9:55 BaterryHUN, na hoppá

  13. Mr_Potatothrower says

    0:47 cracked me up 😂

  14. Xavier tyler says

    There's a difference between and idiot and an unlucky person

  15. 杨升 says

    What's game in 5:08?

  16. Frank Hoppe says

    6:38 is so great! Bad luck….

  17. The EarthRex Den says

    At 55 seconds. The SVU bit had me in stitches.

  18. SatoriSoul says

    Special Victims Unit

  19. Riley Danes says

    0:48 xD died

  20. SirLoudBear says

    Prestige clips is better for one reason, they don’t add in gay sound effects they just show the scene

  21. LeeMichael Charboneau says

    0:47. 😂

  22. Icy_Persian_ 209 says

    0:47 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  23. Rubik 90 says

    This title sounds like it's from some porn.

  24. Ronald Cox says

    Not gonna lie, I've been killed by that train more than once

  25. Luca Richter says

    2:23 i just went crazy watchin' him messin with tha hand XD

  26. specific78 says

    last one was perfect. all jihad jeep kills should end this way lolol

  27. Jinx says

    0:48 im fucking ded

  28. Itzz_S A M O says

    Can some one give me battlefield hardline online crack pls pls

  29. once onse says

    'Suprise Motha Fuc*a' fits better as the title

  30. Nomad N. says

    9:54 The toxicity in the chat is hilarious!

  31. AnternXD says

    3:40 Florida man walking his pet alligator

  32. LIROY says

    red arcade and prestige clips better

  33. davindesu says

    6:43 NUUU BLYAT

  34. Donald Walker says

    i am kinda new at the whole console able to record videos. i recorded a short clip on my xbox one. how do i send it to you from the xbox one?

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