IMMORTALITY Xbox Release Trailer

  1. Snake Design says

    Add Russian please

  2. Sammy F says

    This game reminds me of Contra 2 on the NES

  3. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Coffee Kenpo says


  5. Danielgears says

    Fénix collecion

  6. I didn't think we'd see this type of game genre again, but pretty incredible.

  7. Kemar Roberts says


  8. Руслан says

    add russian

  9. R4Zi3L Gintoro says

    thx xbox

  10. PapagoonZ says

    Hmm interesting. Hmm

  11. Jøsé Miguel says

    Did I just suscribe to Netflix or gamepass? Like really stop adding this kind of 'games'

  12. Tomimo Tokosa says


  13. Jake says

    Her Story was so good. I can't wait to try this after Tinykin

  14. Electric Junk says

    Please add Russian language

  15. Jason Loofburrow says

    Looks boring

  16. ༒ ɴɪɴʀѳɗɛ ༒ says

    What was that…?🤨

  17. DarthQball says

    This isn’t a video game. Stuff like this are not video games.

  18. Macho Gandalf says

    Austin 3:16

  19. Wolf says


  20. Jesus Garcia says

    Can you guys put godfather on the xbox store

  21. jesse shaver says

    Second best reviewed game of the year

  22. Zoso 1up says

    Me and the wife will enjoy this one together ❤️

  23. Dii h says

    What?? 😑🤢

  24. JC says

    Huh 🤔?

  25. Asian Prince says

    Immortality, great game.

  26. ViVaLaRan says

    Reminds me of Her Story

  27. Joshua Vargas says

    Le tengo muchas ganas

  28. Sekiro says


  29. KONYALI says


  30. Shispi Co. says


  31. Hi says


  32. Realzies Cuts says

    I shared on A$$book before everyone else 💫

  33. PoOPy says


  34. Loppycraft52 says

    "57 seconds ago" lol

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