Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi | Official Trailer | Netflix India

One city, one cold-blooded murderer and multiple horrifying crimes. Brace yourself for the most bone-chilling, blood curdling true crime story you’ll ever see. Because this time, evil is closer than you thought it would be.

Stay tuned for Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi, coming 20 July, only on Netflix.

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  1. Vicky Yadav says

    Look so interesting ◉‿◉

  2. neha meena says

    What the most common aspects I've seen in such documentaries is, the killers comes from the place like hell, devoid of love & support (I'm not supporting their actions) , atleast all the wrong doings has happened to them in the past, which they outraged on innocent lives & they turn out to be psycopathic in nature.

  3. Zaib says

    Maza Aagaya!

  4. MAUT COMPANY says

    Is story par ek movie ban ni chahiye jisme lead charector nawazuddin hona chahiye

  5. PawPaw says

    This documentary shows the failure of experts and the law in apprehending and keeping the killer in prison for life. All of these so called experts only know how to talk but they don't do anything to fix the issues within the society. Shame on all of them.

  6. Matrixdweller79 says

    This clearly shows how incompetent Indian police are.

  7. R S Shetty says

    Hinduphobic crap they selling. Woke katu has directed it. Don't watch.

  8. Raj Shah says

    Is it available for downlod

  9. Ravi Kumar says

    Aaam logo ko nai maarna chahiye

  10. Waiting for Butcher of Gujarat

  11. PrettyPlease says

    If the cc man gets out on parole again and kills anyone who showed up in this documentary especially the Anil mandal's son who said he'll kill cc , then it ll all be netflix's fault…. & Shame on indian judiciary to keep such a man alive. Agar itne danger aadmi ko hi fasi nhi deske immediately to aur baki crime to bhul hi jao .

  12. Mik Bok Joo says

    I've watched many crimes docu series, aside from that twisted sadistic mind of Jhar for killing those victims of him. What I've noticed is the lack of acknowledgement of corrupt police who takes money from the poorest of the poor, those who were interviewed who knows Jhar has stated this, but those that were interviewed who got positions barely acknowledges this🤦‍♀️, it's like…yeah it happened…next….

  13. Kishan Rai says

    Neyoo op💛🤣

  14. Nahin says

    My heart broke when it was said in the last episode that chandrakanth is in parole now. I just hope all the innocent people who participated in the documentary remains safe from him

  15. Shriram says

    Why show him doing Pooja to God ?
    Plz don't do that

  16. shaz says

    Would hate to be in india when this guy was around !!!!

  17. My My My says

    The worst thing is …if he didnt call or drop the body near the jail …no one ever found out abt his crimes. Even their were many unsolved murders nd cases which could be connected to him. We want clarity about others too.

  18. Hayat Khan says

    Thus webseries based upon serial killer cahnadarkanth jha will be best series after burari series of delhi only on netflix i m always fascinated about danger crime and criminals around the world

  19. Shahan Hasan says

    How f…ed up a system can be when a serial can come out of jail on parol….👎👎👎

  20. Shahan Hasan says

    After watching this series,I feel like those f…ing journalists/reporters/papparazzis runs behind nepo kids like Dogs instead of covering these types of news.👿😡🤬

  21. me nangal raya me hi peda hua tha and yahi rehta aa raha hu puri life and muje ye case yaad h and us time papa mene tilak nagar me kaam krte thy and wo raat ko 12-1 bje ghar aate thy and jb se ye case aaya tha roj raat ko hum papa ke aane ka wait krte thy and us time phone bhi nhi hote thy to ek ek min pata chlta the bechani me … bhut dar tha us time

  22. rock roy says

    Awesome work 😱 Want More 🔥⚠️

  23. Akash Singh says

    Dear Netflix don’t be confused while making documentaries, either make in hindi or english , dont mix it and don’t be confused.

  24. Anshu at says

    Next nithari case

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