Infinite Fleet – Counterattack Trailer

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Set in the year 2150, Counterattack presents the continuation of the story surrounding the massive Infinite Fleet universe. Commander Chase leads the first full Polaris fleet against an army of powerful Atrox ships. The reveal of a major gameplay mechanic awaits you in this trailer.

Watch Dearest Mila, the first Infinite Fleet trailer, here:

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Infinite Fleet is an epic sci-fi anime-style strategy MMO on a galactic scale. Every choice you make in-game matters: your actions make a difference to the overall story arc of the game, and it will be up to you to fight for the future of humanity.

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  1. Aisling Oharrigan says

    How polite of the aliens to wait for the battleships to transform. lol

  2. Bob says

    Thay is awesome, I hope the game won't desapoint us after this cool trailer. 🤣

  3. Qoadra_NetsuKo says

    Vince di cola?

  4. Mehdi Khalifeh says

    this game is very fantastic

  5. Dev Bisht says

    when the launch of the product?

  6. Chad Wick says

    Her voice is familiar, Nier Automata's Kira Buckland?

  7. Mitch Morris says

    A true DBZ fan will recognize that Vegeta tag line anywhere! lol

  8. Bryan Kinney says

    Music is a banger!

  9. Marron Kisaragi says

    It's over 9000!

  10. Fab Flippo says

    @2:05 gave me chills!

  11. Crypto Insights Journal says

    Making my Robotech dreams come true! Going to be blasting Lynn Minmay and Yellow Dancer to this one.

  12. Tech savvy says

    Great job keep building and improving don’t give up 👏

  13. EmilyLK says

    Cant believe it took so long for someone to make a macross-like MMO.

  14. Brad Mills says

    Keiser fleet!

  15. Eelco says

    I'll invest, but this won't take my attention from Star Citizen anytime

  16. Xythiera says

    Why woud you want to make an EvE clone. Its not a game casuals woud ever play and everybody els play EVE already. EvE also looks better .

  17. franck b says


  18. BAER_Xyph3r says

    2:02 my inner Eve player: "IT'S HOT DROP O'CLOOOOOOCK!"

  19. Ihor Omelchenko says

    I thought it would be KSP…

  20. Lucien Mlnk says


  21. Blushing Ralsei UwU says

    Why does a lot of asian style "anime" outside Japan looks like blown up sex doll?

  22. Ezequiel Martinez says

    It Is like Macross/ Robotech

  23. ArchAnge11 says

    Game or movie?

  24. Johnny A. says

    Liking the Robotechness!

  25. anthony ev says

    Over 9000 eh?

  26. Trazyn the Infinite says

    Macrossing it up.
    I approve.

  27. Streecs says

    Я вроде и рад, что кто-то делает игру по Macross, но меня расстраивает, что разработчики просто в наглую копируют ничего не привнося нового. Удачи с разработкой.

  28. SiriusM says

    does it represent a competitor to eve online?
    stop the ground, i'll get off

  29. MuadDib says

    Formaiting VOLTRON???

  30. MrRspaku says

    WTF . amazing.

  31. Олег Мизин says

    Ну куды ж без анимэ и Гундама – даже в космосе :-)) По логике толку там от всех этих трансформаций чуть меньше нуля, зато атмосфЭрно-то какЪ :-))

  32. A1rboy says

    still better then rise of skywalker

  33. ZeroSplasH says

    Its over 9000 !!!!

  34. Van says

    Very hype about all of this x.x

  35. flashtu says

    If captn.harlocks univers fucked a Transformer…

  36. Carl Kahler says

    Transformers died like 25 years ago right?

  37. Kent Rice says

    Killer soundtrack!

  38. Michael Porter says

    You guys have come quite a way

  39. Chaotix Fox says

    Ah the Gundam adaptation we've been waiting for.

  40. Tarpan J says

    Even from the previous trailer, that reminds me Macross Megaroad

  41. Spawn Keeper says

    I so happy space sims have been making a comeback over the last 5 years this the 2020's is gonna be a great decade of gaming!

  42. Donder says

    I was not expecting this game to become so… Anime, was expecting a bit more realism.

    I'll still keep an eye on it, but it makes me glad I didn't buy into the beta.

  43. wolfsoldier5 says

    over 9000

  44. KARIM RIMK says


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